AthenaHealth EHR Software: An Overview Of Features

One of the best EMR software out there is AthenaHealth. In order to make it clear why AthenaHealth is among the best, we'll go through a number of its qualities, recommendations, and examples in this post.

AthenaHealth EHR Software

AthenaHealth Features

The most well-known feature of Athena EMR software is its cloud-based architecture and integrated platform, which includes tools for keeping track of patient data, scheduling appointments, managing billing and revenue, and coordinating care with other medical team members. With the help of the EHR software, which presents real-time data and insights from a network of 135K clinicians, medical practitioners can consult with more detailed information. The network also enables smooth patient record exchange thanks to the company’s connections to Carequality and CommonWell, national frameworks for exchanging health data.

In addition to its EHR software, AthenaHealth (the company) also offers a wide range of auxiliary services, such as patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and population health management.

All of the most recent features that we would anticipate from an EHR system in 2023 are included in the Athenahealth EHR. Here are a few noteworthy instances:

  1. EHR

The main component of AthenaHealth is its electronic health records system, which streamlines documentation and increases clinical efficacy. By using system standards like pre-encounter preparation and programmable procedures, you can spend less time documenting while still improving accuracy and engagement.

The software now connects with a mobile application called athenaOne so that users can see patient records and carry out other clinical tasks while on the go.

  1. Patient Engagement 

With the aid of the AthenaHealth EMR, it is feasible to deliver health information online, simplify payment procedures, and enable appointment self-scheduling. Patients are now able to consult with medical professionals, view the outcomes of lab tests, and request medicine refills using mobile devices.

By using the patient portal of the AthenaHealth EMR, patients may easily schedule visits and get online access to details about their recent medical history, ongoing medicines, and nutritional supplements. The functionality of the platform can also be modified by medical professionals to meet their specific needs, improve patient satisfaction, and lessen the amount of manual scheduling that front desk staff must perform.

  1. Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing

Receiving what you are owed as payment is one of the biggest issues facing independent medical practices. Using the integrated services offered by AthenaHealth, including as authorization management, medical coding, and rejection resolution, you may boost revenue collection more quickly (and with less effort).

Large, complex healthcare business employees can lower the cost-to-collect and reduce the number of A/R days by utilizing low-touch, automated workflows on the AthenaHealth EMR. The RCM product also allows you to integrate it into your current clinical solutions and may be customized to your needs.

  1. Care Coordination

Athenahealth allows you to connect with over 160,000 healthcare professionals, and it also makes it simple to collaborate with internal and external teams. You may also gain from the care coordination services at athenahealth in the following ways:

  • Ordered transmission. There is no requirement for follow-ups because it generates succinct and clear orders.
  • Information is rapidly disseminated. Because it produces brief and understandable orders, follow-ups are unnecessary.
  • Coordinated Patient Care. Through the patient chart, you can directly arrange payments for patients.
  1. TeleHealth

Thanks to telehealth, medical professionals will be able to conduct virtual visits with patients over the phone or through videoconferencing. You can talk to patients face-to-face, exchange information about treatments, conduct virtual exams and do other things during a telehealth session. On the AthenaHealth platform, you can then easily edit their information and log appointment notes.

  1. Analytics and Reports 

The AthenaHealth EMR comes with tools for making reports, keeping track of performance metrics, and analyzing data to help medical practices run more efficiently. Healthcare practitioners can also access and update patient records on the platform in real time, including test results, pharmaceutical information, medical histories, charts, and patient data.

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AthenaHealth EMR Software Reviews

I’ve gathered a number of three and four-star reviews that highlight common issues and provide a list of advantages and disadvantages rather than making you read dozens of evaluations of the athenahealth EHR software. The benefits and drawbacks of the EMR software from athenahealth are highlighted in this list.


  • “Athena collaborates with a wide range of providers and places.”
  • “Athena supports many users and numerous displays at the same time, making multitasking a breeze.”
  • “Providing patients a photo at check-in makes identification much easier, especially when working with a large number of patients.”


  • “Athenafax is something that I despise. I’m never sure if it works, and faxes frequently go missing. However, it has gotten a little better in the previous several weeks.”
  • “I also despise the number of superfluous clicks required for patient check-in.”

AthenaHealth EMR Demo

Demos for athenahealth are easily accessible online, and the company’s website even lets you plan a live demonstration. Generally speaking, the demos are well-paced and simple to follow.

AthenaHealth EMR Pricing

We can assist you in determining AthenaHealth’s EMR software pricing, which is not publicly disclosed.

Our Thoughts

AthenaHealth EMR is often used by a variety of medical specialists, organizations, and practices. The platform is suitable for healthcare organizations of any size and expertise and has over 20 years of experience supporting US medical professionals.

Its implementation is useful for both medical offices and patients because AthenaHealth has gotten multiple user recommendations for its reporting capabilities and user-friendliness. Many users have also mentioned how easy it is to create reports in the AthenaHealth EMR and how each report is tailored for a certain practitioner.

However, some customers have argued that AthenaHealth EMR’s price is a little out of line with its features, especially for smaller practices that lack the resources to invest in a fully functional EMR system.

In the end, it is up to you to decide if this software fills, if not all, but most requirements because you will not find any hand that fits the glove perfectly.