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Friday, June 2, 2023



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Axis Research and Technologies Premiere Bioskills Training Facility Is Poised to Revolutionize the Smart Operating Room of the Future

By Nick Moran, CEO Axis Research & Technologies

In 2014 I identified a pain point in the medical device industry—the need for a fully-equipped, completely customizable training facility where medical devices companies, surgeons, and researchers could practice and enhance their skills and test and develop products that will impact the medical and health care community. Through combining this passion for health, wellness, and lifesaving medical research, Axis Research and Technologies was founded.

Today, Axis provides the premier cadaver, bioskills labs, and surgical training facilities for medical research and education. Through rapid, strategic expansion, Axis grew from one facility in Irvine, California, to four high-tech locations across the U.S. Each Axis site was carefully selected for its proximity to high-density health care regions, growing medical device communities, or booming MedTech marketplaces. Partnering with top universities, health care research centers, and medical device manufacturers, each Axis facility offers a large primary lab, fully configurable multi-purpose rooms, private surgical suites, meeting space, and more. Each lab is used for cadaveric training and education, research and development, didactic exercises, live events, and professional education.

Known throughout the industry for their world-class customer service, the Axis team provides concierge-level hospitality, prepares surgery suites, and offers tissues sourcing, precision specimen preparation, and lab equipment readiness for every potential client scenario. Anticipating the needs of those visiting any Axis pre-clinical training research and technology lab facility, Axis professionals ensure a turnkey process for every training event, removing any distractions or concerns and freeing the customer to focus on innovating.

Every Axis lab offers clients the use of a robust and state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant tele-training platform for AV, broadcasting, recording, and live streaming with capabilities to reach up to 500 virtual participants around the globe. As the Axis team analyzed the latest trends in the virtual health care community, they confirmed that the next medical frontier is the capture and utilization of data. The resulting concept is the OMNImed™ SmartOR, a platform that will change the way medical device companies train and develop best practices. OMNImed™ SmartOR will also provide insights vital to building the smart operating room of the future.

OMNImed™ SmartOR is a technology-based, intelligent system that taps into data-rich surgical environments by leveraging the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Computer Vision (CV). This technology collects data by the millisecond and makes the relevant, usable data—and any historical data—immediately available to the medical community.

The goal of the OMNImed™ SmartOR platform is to create a virtual data model based on every action in the room, before, during, and after a procedure. Axis is working in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and BDO’s Digital Healthcare Division to develop this intelligent system. With OMNImed™ SmartOR, the modern operating suite will serve as a data-collecting machine, creating digital models on the fly and generating unparalleled efficiencies, cost savings, and improvements in healthcare.

Nick Moran, Founder and CEO of Axis Research & Technologies, Bio:

Nick Moran, Founder and CEO of Axis Research & Technologies, brings with him decades of success as an entrepreneur and business owner. After many successful business ventures, his desire to do something combining his passion for health, wellness and lifesaving medical research led him to found Axis Research & Technologies; a premier bioskills training and cadaver lab supporting medical device research and education. Stemming from his desire to create a new standard of bioskills facilities, Axis maintains a strong focus on world-class customer service while providing medical device companies and surgeons with everything they need for successful cadaveric training and education, research and development, didactic exercises, live events, or professional education.

From early adulthood, Moran was fascinated by fitness and athletics. After years of developing his skills in martial arts, he became a title-winning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitor at the national level and an eventual inductee into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2014 where he received a humanitarian award. He then leveraged this passion to start businesses that would impact others and change lives.

Moran is currently working on developing new technologies that will change the game for top surgeons, researchers, and medical device companies worldwide. 



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