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Beat The Winter Chill- How To Vape Like A Pro

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Fall is around the corner, and winter will set in before you know it. Life becomes different once the temperature drops and snowy days set in. You have a lot more work to do, from clearing snow from the driveway to finding ways to keep your home cozy. The festive shopping, decor, and cooking tasks double your workload. It is easy to feel exhausted at the end of the day, with your muscles and mind yearning for relaxation. You may even have a tough time getting enough sleep throughout the long winter nights.

A cannabis vaping session can cover you on all fronts. It relaxes sore and tired muscles, soothes your mind, and sets you up for a deep slumber. Not surprisingly, most cannabis lovers line up a session in the evening. But vaping on the go is not easy as the outdoor temperatures drop sub-zero. Your vape liquid may freeze, and your device could run cold. But you can still beat the winter chill with the warm and flavorful vapor wrapping your body. Let us share a few tips to vape like a pro, consider e-cigarettes, and beat the winter chill.

Switch to pocket-sized tools

Keeping your vape tools ready and working in the freezing weather is easier said than done. Although they stay relatively safe indoors, you can face a fix outdoors. Your vaporizer may turn cold in the car. Moreover, table-top devices are not easy to carry to cannabis parties and outings as they are not discreet. The last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention, even if you are in a legal state. Switching to a pocket-sized tool resolved both concerns. You need not worry about keeping it warm on the way because it fits snugly into the pocket. Additionally, these tools are inherently discreet, so you never have to stress about people noticing you. When it comes to buying disposable weed pens, finding the perfect ones ensures a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience, and you can explore various options to discover the ideal choice for your needs.

Prioritize battery care

Whichever device you use for winter vaping, battery care should be a priority because cold weather can affect its life. Frigid temperatures are hard on batteries as their electrons slow down when exposed to chilly temperatures, even for a short time. Moreover, your battery has to work extra hard to heat the device and sustain the temperature during the chill. It can drain easily, and you will have to charge it more often. You can imagine the pressure it puts on your batteries and how it can lower their lifespan. Try doing your bit by keeping them tucked cozily at home and in the car. You will not have to worry about a dead battery ruining your vibe again.

Commit to experimentation

Another piece of advice for vaping like a pro during winter is to commit to experimentation with cannabis. You can switch between products and flavors to get the best sessions this season. Try a vape oil if you have always used a herb, or go the other way around. You can also experiment with concentrate dabbing because the experience with these potent products takes you to another level. Explore stores like lowpricebud to for trying different cannabis strains and products. The good thing about living in Canada is that you can be on the right side of the law while vaping cannabis, provided you are beyond the legit age. Also consider trying a disposable vape.

Invest in product care

Cannabis care is essential to preserve the taste, aroma, and integrity of the product. Following the regular cannabis storage rules is enough to protect your stash from heat and light. But winter care is a tad more challenging even if the low temperature and direct sunlight are lesser concerns. Your herb may freeze, and the consistency of the vape juice may change. In fact, your cartridges may freeze up entirely in the cold weather. Either way, you may not get great hits with a sub-par product. Investing in extra care is about keeping your stash in a safe place at optimal temperature. You can read the instructions on the label or ask the budtender about the ideal storage temperature. Investing in product care keeps your winter vaping sessions on track.

Ramp up your technique

Besides going the extra mile with your tools and products, you may also have to ramp up your vaping technique to get the most out of your cannabis sessions. Cold-weather vaping is different because the hits are not as strong as you expect them to be. The cold air outside compromises the heat your device generates, even if it works hard to maximize its performance. Going low and slow is the best piece of advice to experience the benefits of vaping without taxing your mouth and lungs. Skip the temptation of extra-long pulls to make up for the weaker hits, as you may irritate your lungs. Moreover, your batters tend to die soon if you go too hard on them. Focus on enjoyment instead of intensity to have the best cannabis sessions in winter.

Ditch sharing

While sharing is the theme of the festive season, it may not be the best thing to do with cannabis vaping. You can indulge with your gang, but limit the sharing part to talking about strains, products, and techniques. Skip passing over your vape pens and dabbing tools because it can be unhygienic. It is relevant to stick with your own in the new normal when the virus continues to be a concern. Also, avoid crowded parties and organize smaller get-togethers. Nothing gets better than a session with your besties where you do not have to worry about catching the virus or falling sick.

Vaping in the cold weather need not be as challenging as you imagine. Winter is the best time to enjoy cannabis as you do not have to worry about your stash going bad due to the heat and humidity. Moreover, the festive season gives you more reasons to indulge and enjoy. You only need to follow these tips to overcome the typical challenges like frozen products and slow batteries, and you can have a great time vaping indoors and outdoors.


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