Blue Spark Technologies Touts Growth for Company and Remote Patient Monitoring Industry


Blue Spark Technologies, Inc., a leader in wearable remote patient monitoring solutions, celebrated a successful year of achievements with its continuous temperature monitoring solution TempTraq®. Numerous studies were released this year showing the positive impact of TempTraq in oncology clinical trials and outpatient settings.

“Before COVID, telehealth and remote patient monitoring was a bit of a novelty, but the global pandemic legitimized digital health,” said John Gannon, President and CEO, Blue Spark Technologies. “Now, most industry leaders agree that the accelerated use of telehealth and wearables will become standard in most healthcare settings in the next five years. Our goal at Blue Spark Technologies is to make continuous temperature monitoring the standard of care in clinical healthcare.”

Highlights for Blue Spark Technologies in 2022 include:

  • Investment of $40 million to fund growth led by GT Investment Partners (“Ghost Tree Partners”) with support from Aon plc (NYSE: AON). The funding went towards scaling the company’s sales and marketing functions and the continued advancement of Blue Spark’s wearable remote patient monitoring solutions.
  • John DeFord, Ph.D. joined Blue Spark Technologies’ board of directors in April. He is the chairman and CEO of Samothrace Medical Innovations, Inc., a startup working on tools for minimally invasive surgery.
  • Blue Spark Technologies was one of nine new companies that joined Medidata’s Sensor Cloud Network: The first cross-sector collaboration focused on improving how health sensors are integrated and standardized while developing new digital biomarkers and algorithms to apply health sensors better and improve human health.
  • A study published in Pediatric Blood & Cancer showed how continuous temperature monitoring via TempTraq can detect fever in an outpatient setting hours earlier than a conventional thermometer. The study, conducted by Dr. Sung Won Choi and Dr. Muneesh Tewari, examined several individual instances of fever resulting from a bloodstream infection and found that a standard thermometer took 5 and 12 hours longer than TempTraq to detect the fever.

Blue Spark Technologies’ patented innovation is the only continuous, disposable, real-time body temperature monitoring patch that allows healthcare providers to monitor patients for fever spikes for up to 72 hours. The comfortable, disposable patch is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device that significantly improves the way temperature is measured in the clinical environment, providing clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to continuously measure temperature in inpatient and outpatient settings.