Blurn Launches Medical Devices Digital Marketing Service

Medical Devices Digital Marketing

The medical device industry is booming as people grow increasingly reliant on technology in daily life. But marketing these devices takes a unique blend of digital and traditional marketing styles that have become a new focus for Blurn USA’s Digital Marketing team, who have identified the best ways to market these devices. No longer do you need to walk from the doctor’s office to the doctor’s office to sell a product, now the general public can find you without a referral. Here’s how.

Website Marketing

One important thing to do right off the bat is to make sure your website is showing off your offerings to the medical industry in a stylish and informative manner. Nowadays, people look to the internet for everything, and when they search for a certain medical device, yours should be the first one they see. But even if they see your website at the top, it should be so well made that they want to remain on the webpage for longer, and website optimization is vital to do this right.

The best approach is based on user experience, and this, alongside compelling content is what makes people want to remain on your website for longer. This is what will drive authority and trust, which then increases sales. This isn’t enough, however, as you also need to remember to make your website optimized for use across multiple devices, including mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Content Marketing

Don’t ignore the value of content marketing, when you make content regarding your medical offerings on your website, blog, and social media as well as platforms of other companies in your industry.

By making informative and well-written content, you can position yourself as an industry leader and point of authority while also educating people in the sector as to what you do and how you do it. Search engine rankings are affected by well-placed keywords in content, so it’s worth doing right so you can land on the first page of Google’s search results.

In addition to written content, any videos you make, or infographics can be highly shareable, and this allows for even more people to see your work and hear of your company and what you offer. These are all net positives, but they take a lot of effort to get right, as Google favors naturally written content loaded with information pertinent to readers.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is all about paid traffic, and incorporates something called PPC, which is pay-per-click marketing. This is when you pay for advertising to put your website at the top of search engine rankings, but you only pay when someone clicks on your website, so if it works, you pay for it. This can be a feasible option for certain companies that prefer to get results faster or want to ride a trend that is going viral to get results. Some companies don’t have this option in their budget, but it can really work for medical device companies as many people who need these devices are already looking for someone just like you.

Social Media Marketing

It might seem odd to you to market your medical devices on social media platforms, but it’s actually quite a feasible option. After all, social media is all about connecting with people, and for your company, this means you can connect with people who want what you are selling. In doing this, you connect to your audience and paint a picture of a business that is trustworthy and honest, which then increases sales. Add to this that social media pages are now featuring shopping tabs, and your sales are only a few clicks away.

Trade Shows

This may not be something everyone else thinks of as it’s a traditional marketing tool, but trade shows are another great way to be seen. Industry events such as this are a great way to network and meet new people while showing off how your products work while allowing people to physically see and handle what you’re offering. If you market your going to a trade show on social media, possible buyers are likely to come and visit to see the items themselves, and this is also a great way to gain trust. Although a marketing company can’t organize a trade show for you, this is something on the list you can do yourself to get in front of your target buyer quickly.

Ready to get started? Contact Blurn USA and see how they can get more eyes on your medical device offerings.