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Friday, October 22, 2021


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Utrecht University and Bruker Corporation Announce Collaboration

Albert Heck of Utrecht University commented: “We are delighted to work with Bruker Corporation on the further development of workflows for XL-MS that take advantage of the speed of PASEF and the unique large-scale, accurate CCS data to enhance the detection of crosslinks in XL-MS.

Bruker Launches Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemical Imaging SNOM/AFM Microscopy System with Broadband Femtosecond IR Laser

The novel nanoIR3-s Broadband system sets new standards in nano-IR spectroscopy and nanochemical imaging. It provides the broadest, tunable mid-IR spectral range with the highest power and the lowest noise, while also delivering unrivalled correlation to FTIR spectroscopy.

Acquisition of Alicona Imaging GmbH Completed Announces Bruker Corporation

12/18/18: Alicona Imaging GmbH, a leading provider of optical-based metrology products is located in Graz, Austria.

Bruker Corporation Introduces New High Performance Preclinical PET/CT Si78 System

9/14/18: Sonica van Wyk, Bruker's Market Product Manager for Nuclear Molecular Imaging, stated: "The outstanding PET performance and very low dose CT of the Si78, combined with the ease of use and integrated workflow ensure data accuracy and reproducibility, which are key for multi-modal research labs."

Bruker Introduces New SKYSCAN 2214 Ultra-High Resolution Nano-CT

6/12/18: Dr. Frank Burgaezy, President of the Bruker AXS division, commented: "The SKYSCAN 2214 is a game-changer for ultra-high resolution nano-CT in the material sciences. Its superior high resolution for larger objects offers new opportunities for developers of composite materials, as well as for geology, where precision is key to determine porosity and grain size. In metrology, the precision of the SKYSCAN 2214 enables exact internal dimension measurements at the submicron scale. Ultra-high resolution is also critical for the development of lithium batteries and other energy storage devices."

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