Ceek Women’s Health and Lupin Sign a Marketing Agreement

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Ceek Women’s Health (Ceek), the women-led, groundbreaking medical device company and Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc., the US sales and marketing subsidiary of Lupin Limited (Lupin), announced an agreement to add the Nella women’s health products to Lupin’s promotional offering in the United States. Under the promotional arrangement, Lupin’s sales representatives will detail and demonstrate Ceek products including the Nella NuSpec (the Smarter Reusable Vaginal Speculum), VuSleeve, and VuLight products, alongside Lupin Women’s Health flagship product, Solosec® (secnidazole) 2g oral granules indicated for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common vaginal infection in adult women.16  

Offering the first meaningful update to the vaginal speculum in nearly 150 years, the Nella NuSpec which will launch shortly, is the result of extensive prototyping and research to change the patient experience during gynecological exams. The VuSleeve and the VuLight are accessories to the speculum designed to provide easy visualization and access to the cervix.  The Nella products are designed to improve the quality of care for all women as well as in specific segments, including adolescents, transgender patients, rape or trauma patients, post-menopausal women, and cancer survivors. Ceek has been the recipient of three prestigious product design awards including the 2020 Red Dot Award, the 2020 iF Award, and the 2019 Core77 Notable Design Award.

“We have dedicated ourselves to pioneering quality women’s health products that are transforming gynecological care and improving the exam experience for all patients,” said Fahti Khosrowshahi, CEO and Founder of Ceek. “We are very proud to partner with Lupin to introduce our products to their network of obstetricians and gynecologists, allowing us to offer more options to a greater range of patients than previously thought possible.” Jon Stelzmiller, President – Specialty Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. added, “We share the same sentiment and commitment to women’s health as Ceek, making it that much more meaningful as we add these ground-breaking and innovative offerings to our providers and patients.”

Lupin Women’s Health flagship product, Solosec will also be a part of the offering. Solosec® 2g oral granules, a single-dose therapy for bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection in the U.S., affecting more than 20 million women between the ages of 14 and 49 annually.

Solosec® was designed to be easy to take for patients with BV, with one oral dose containing a full course of treatment.[i] After one dose, Solosec® continues to treat BV for four days without any alcohol restriction – in vitro drug alcohol studies show Solosec® does not inhibit the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol.8 In a survey answered by 85 women who completed Solosec®  treatment, 9 out of 10 were satisfied, very satisfied, or extremely satisfied with the result of their Solosec® treatment, and would recommend to a friend with BV that they speak to their doctor about Solosec®.[ii]

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at  1-844-SOLOSEC (1-844-765-6732) or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch

Full Prescribing Information Here.


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