Ceros Financial Services Arranges $7.5 Million Financing for Wesper

Ceros Financial Services announced that Ceros Capital Markets, its investment banking division, has completed a $7.5 million Series A round for Wesper, which has developed the first clinical-grade FDA cleared platform to bring the full cycle of sleep therapy to home users.

Wesper’s sensors and algorithms provide at-home medical diagnosis and ongoing measurement, before, during, and after treatment. With Wesper, users have access to customized, professional guidance from sleep specialists without having to leave their homes.

“Millions of people suffer from poor sleep but many never receive feedback or assistance because of the lack of easy sleep testing. Wesper essentially provides an at-home sleep lab with professional guidance,” said Mark Goldwasser, CEO of Ceros Financial Services.

Ceros focuses on fundraising for early-stage medical technology and medical device companies that are developing disruptive technologies for diagnostic and non-invasive procedures. Since 2020, Ceros has completed approximately $165 million in medtech transactions. The firm is targeting to raise about $100 million over the next twelve months, Goldwasser said.

Recent Ceros deals include $15 million for GT Metabolic Solutions, which has developed technology for incisionless bariatric and digestive surgery, and an $18 million financing round with Peregrine Ventures for Cordio Medical, which has developed technology to monitor changes in chronic heart failure conditions through analysis of voice samples recorded in a simple smartphone app.

Ceros also placed an additional $10 million for DemaSensor, which designs non-invasive tools that use machine learning and spectroscopy to evaluate skin lesions for cancer, and $15 million for Pristine Surgical, which has developed a single-use platform for endoscopic procedures.

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