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Why Chipped Tooth Requires an Urgent Dentist Visit

If you happen to have a chipped tooth, it may signal an urgent visit to the dentist or it may not. It depends on the severity and the pain that you feel.

So, how are you going to decide when to make an urgent appointment with your dentist? To help you better with this, read on.

A chipped tooth occurs when it has been fractured or broken or separated from its body. A chipped tooth can be severe depending on the gravity of the damage.

Unfortunately, you cannot treat a chipped tooth by yourself or let someone who’s not knowledgeable about oral health treat it.

There may be sharp edges that bother you on how it looks and maybe you could feel the sharp edges on your tongue, cheekbone, and jaw area. You need to book an appointment with your dentist in order to avoid further mouth injuries that are maybe caused by a chipped tooth. If you are near Irving, Texas, you can book a dental visit to an emergency dentist in Irving TX, who claims to offer the best quality dental services. It is better to get an appointment than not knowing anything at all.  There may be damages that you do not see and only the dentist can identify. So, better safe than sorry.

Here are some things to consider for an urgent dentist visit:

Causes of Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be caused by an accident or by biting hard food accidentally that weakens your tooth enamel. It can be caused by the weakening of your tooth enamel especially when you are not taking good care of your teeth. You may not see the severity of damage right away, there are dental fractures that are not visible, and the only way to make sure that it won’t be getting complications is that you need a dentist to check up on it.

Severity of Damage

Sometimes a damaged tooth does not affect the tooth enamel only but it can also affect the health of your gums. When gums are affected a different procedure needs to be undertaken. In the case of weakening tooth enamel, good dental hygiene is important to avoid this problem. If given treatment early, dental injuries will be addressed properly and on time. In order to make sure if the damage is severe or mild, you need to let the dentist check your teeth for suitable treatment.

Change of Teeth Color

The color of your teeth also is a consideration when you have tried having a chipped tooth, when your teeth change color,  unusually that is a sign of a dental emergency. Whenever it happens on a weekend or a holiday, you can wait for a few days to have your teeth check-up. You have to do the first aid first when your dentist is not available, such as cleaning out your mouth with warm clean water and being careful when chewing food, to make sure that you won’t worsen the situation.

A chipped tooth can be a cosmetic problem but in the long run, it has a great impact on your overall health. It does not only affect your smile but it also affects your heart and other organs related to it. So, be brave to go see a dentist if you need one like this trustworthy dentist in Oxnard. Life is better and it is better with more teeth.

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