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Chizl’ – Developed for Individuals Seeking Fast & Effective Pain Relief On-the-Go

The Chizl, (handheld) was developed for those seeking fast and effective pain relief on-the-go. The Chizl offers users full control of their manual treatment without the hassle of cords, batteries, setup, and noise.

The launch follows the official release of Mobility Wall’s game-changing vertical foam roller collection in September 2021, including Mobility Wall Smooth Roller and Mobility Wall Pro Series.

“Mobility Wall’s vertical roller collection was created with every kind of user in mind,” says Mobility Wall Inventor & Co-Founder, Chris DiVecchio. “With faster and more effective pain relief for the whole body being our main focus, it only made sense to develop a product that allows users to improve mobility and achieve relief whenever and wherever they need it the most.”

Featuring unmatched portability, The Chizl provides the benefits of Mobility Wall’s Smooth Roller and Pro Series in a compact yet powerful, sleek design.

The handheld product’s attachments include “The Wedge,” to improve blood flow and neurological connectivity using short and long tissue glides, “The Thumb,” a small, smooth, and incredibly strong tool made to dig into knots, and “The Cone,” which uses a fine point tip to reach areas like the hands and feet as well as separate muscle fibers that often get stuck together like the quads and calves.

The Chizl retails for $49 ($39 when pre-ordering). To pre-order The Chizl, which is expected to ship early 2022 visit here.

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