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Christina Brennan, M.D., MBA to Serve on InspireMD Advisory Role for Pivotal Study of CGuard Carotid Stent System

September 10, 2020

Christina Brennan, M.D., MBA will serve as a strategic advisor to InspireMD to assist with the planning and execution of a pivotal study of the CGuard™ Carotid Stent System, CARENET-III, for the prevention of stroke in patients in the United States. The company recently announced that it had received approval from the FDA for the company to proceed with this pivotal study.

“We are pleased to have Dr. Brennan join the team as we advance our efforts of planning and execution of the CARENET-III pivotal trial. Dr. Brennan brings a wealth of experience to InspireMD with specific expertise in vascular and stent-related research and clinical trial development and execution,” said Marvin Slosman, InspireMD’s CEO.  “Our expectations are to accelerate the planning and preparation efforts for our pivotal study with Dr. Brennan’s help.”

Christina Brennan, M.D. has devoted her career to clinical research and currently serves as Northwell Health’s vice president of clinical research. Committed to the advancement of science and medicine, Dr. Brennan has more than 20 years of extensive clinical research experience, including over 15 years in management roles. She is on the board of trustees for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. She is the immediate past president of the NY Metropolitan Chapter of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and she is an active member of the Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative (CCTI), with Duke University and the FDA, where she actively sits on some of their committees.  She is on the leadership council for Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), where she also sits on the oncology advisory board and technology site advocacy group.  She is an adjunct professor for a Masters of Science program with Yeshiva University teaching a clinical trial & research management class.  She is also an active member of the Women in Bio and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Her clinical research interest is in carotid artery disease.  She began her clinical research career 20 years ago working at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY alongside the internationally renowned interventional cardiologist and the pioneer of carotid artery stenting – Dr. Gary Roubin.  For over 10 years she had the opportunity to have him as her mentor and work with him, Dr. Sriram Iyer, and the late Dr. Jiri Vitek.  Together they worked on many important carotid artery trials, including the global NIH CREST trial where over 2,500 subjects were recruited.  They enrolled the first ACT I trial patient in which Abbott Vascular later went on to receive FDA approval of their X.ACT stent and embolic protection device.

Dr. Brennan also has authored chapters in textbooks, coauthored many manuscripts and abstracts, and has presented at numerous scientific and research meetings.

“We have an opportunity for CGuard EPS to create a paradigm shift in the field of carotid artery stenting, bringing it to the next level, and I look forward to bringing my years of expertise in the management and operations of carotid stent trials to the CARENET-III trial with InspireMD,” added Dr. Brennan.

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