Clarius and Echo Mind Ai Join Forces to Help Diagnose MSK Ailments Faster Using Handheld Ultrasound and Tele-Sonography

Clarius Mobile Health, a leading provider of high-definition handheld ultrasound systems, and Echo Mind Ai, an operator of tele-sonography (over-read) services, announce a new integrated solution to empower physiotherapists and sports medicine physicians to bring point-of-care ultrasound to their clinics for faster diagnosis and treatment. It is available today via Clarius Marketplace, which provides Clarius members access to solutions designed to streamline ultrasound training, improve workflows, speed diagnoses, and automate reporting.

The Echo Mind Ai solution provides near real-time feedback, guidance, and over-read services to new ultrasound users, while Clarius offers easy-to-use wireless ultrasound systems that are powered by AI, connected to the cloud, and deliver image quality on par with compact systems at a small fraction of the price, representing 85 percent savings.


77% of all injury health care visits are for musculoskeletal injuries and most go undiagnosed in the first visit. A big reason for this is that ultrasound isn’t being used nearly enough at the point of care,” explains Max Harker, Co-founder and CEO at Echo Mind Ai. “With our service and the Clarius handheld MSK scanner, we can make it possible for a clinic of any size to add ultrasound diagnostics because our solution enables physicians to quickly enhance their skills and diagnostic accuracy, bolstering confidence in their ultrasound interpretations. We chose to partner with Clarius because it offers best-in-class MSK imaging in ultra-portable and affordable wireless scanners.”

Clinicians can subscribe to Echo Mind Ai’s service, now fully integrated with Clarius Cloud and the Clarius App for iOS and Android. After basic training, clinicians can easily capture ultrasound videos during a patient exam using the Clarius App, send those ultrasound videos directly to Echo Mind Ai, and will usually receive a report from a certified sonographer during the same clinic visit.

Physiotherapist Ren Mendoza, who has been using the service, says: “the results are returned literally in around ten minutes – detailed and insightful! It allows a well-informed evaluation and plan of care for the patient. The training videos and materials are helpful. Overall, I’m pleased so far with the service.”

Access to real-time ultrasound imaging is proven to enhance patient care by expediting the right treatment plan and encouraging adherence, resulting in better outcomes, faster recovery, satisfaction, and referrals. Ultrasound imaging is known to reduce reliance on costly MRI scans, which lowers healthcare costs to patients. What’s more, increased diagnostic confidence translates into additional revenue for medical practitioners through streamlined and efficient diagnostic procedures. Documentation from expert sonographers also reduces potential liability.

“Point-of-care ultrasound enables clinicians treating musculoskeletal injuries to quickly and effectively rule out pathologies and develop targeted treatment plans. Yet historically, a lack of training and access to affordable systems have been barriers to adoption,” says Clarius President and CEO Ohad Arazi. “We’re excited to partner with Echo Mind Ai to help practitioners with high-volume patient flow get up and running in record time. Early users have reported material increases in patient engagement and an immediate return with cash rates between $100 and $250 for point-of-care ultrasound services. We’re excited to make this partnership announcement just as Clarius achieves a new milestone of four million high-definition scans worldwide!”

Physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians, and other clinicians in the USA specializing in MSK can request product and pricing information on the Clarius Marketplace today.

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