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Curadigm Announces 1 Million € Funding From BPI France’s Deep Tech Program to Support Development of the Nanoprimer Platform

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July 17, 2020

Curadigm today announced the receipt of 1 Million € in non-dilutive funding from Deep Tech BPI France for the development of their Nanoprimer technology. The Deep Tech program recognizes biotechnology companies with breakthrough innovation and strong commercial potential.

Curadigm notes the funding award highlights the Nanoprimer’s unique, groundbreaking approach to increasing therapeutic bioavailability and efficacy, which is applicable across multiple drug classes. Curadigm’s selection underscores the novel approach, the strength of the pre-clinical data to-date, as well as the expertise of the team.

The Deep Tech funding initiative is a competitive program that brings together industry experts to evaluate and identify pioneering technologies with significant industry and clinical potential. Curadigm was awarded funding for the development of the Nanoprimer technology, which is designed to redefine the balance between the therapeutic and useless dose of a drug by precisely, but transiently, occupying the clearance pathways within the liver. This approach does not modify the therapeutic at all, rather the Nanoprimer would be administered just before the therapeutic and would act to prevent its rapid clearance, increase bioavailability and subsequent target tissue accumulation.

Curadigm’s Deep Tech funding will support the ongoing pre-clinical development of the Nanoprimer as well as manufacturing scale-up. Curadigm is actively collaborating with companies to evaluate the potential to increase the therapeutic index of their candidate drugs, and recently published work validating the Nanoprimer’s ability to significantly increase the bioavailability and efficacy of RNA therapeutics. Beyond nucleic acid-based treatments, the Nanoprimer technology is broadly applicable across drug classes including nanomedicines and gene editing technologies. Curadigm’s funding will support the advancement of the Nanoprimer program toward IND-readiness.

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