Datos Health Partners With Vaica Medical

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Datos Health, a leader of remote care automation, and Vaica Medical, a leading provider of medication adherence solutions, today announced a partnership to include medication adherence information as part of Datos’ offering of analyzed data relating to the overall status of patients’ health and wellbeing.

The first implementation for this collaboration began in the third quarter of 2020 with the Psychiatry Division at Sheba Medical Center, as part of an overall program to introduce comprehensive remote psychiatric care (i.e. telemedicine) to the home environment.

The partnership between Datos Health and Vaica Medical addresses the general lack of patient adherence to treatments and the challenge this poses by negatively impacting patients’ recovery, resulting in a greater burden on healthcare providers. Vaica’s comprehensive medication adherence technology, synchronized with patient-generated data collated and evaluated by Datos’ remote care platform, enables clinicians to stay up-to-date regarding the status of patients, facilitating enhanced decision making. Concurrently, the Datos mobile app enables more personalized care by ensuring patients are well-informed, take greater responsibility for their own treatments, and remain engaged with their care providers.

“Partnering with Vaica allows us to complement our remote care offerings with a new dimension, furthering our goal of advancing proactive and personalized care through increased patient engagement,” said Uri Bettesh, CEO and Founder of Datos Health. “We look forward to continually expanding our capabilities to support hospitals through remote care initiatives that can ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

Patients found to be suitable for home hospitalization received a specialized kit to maintain continuous contact and online follow-ups with clinical staff. Monitoring devices collate all clinical data for analysis, while the Datos mobile app facilitates video calls with physicians and nurses available on a 24/7 basis. The Datos app further alerts care teams of deviation from routine, including sleep disturbance, changes in mood and – through inclusion of Vaica’s core technology – medication adherence.

“The fundamental goal of this partnership is to improve medication adherence rates among patients through remote care technology, setting the foundation for improved patient-clinician engagement and better-informed treatment,” said Tomer Gofer, CEO for Vaica Medical. “Through our collaboration with Datos, care teams will be able to not only monitor patient adherence to medication in real-time, but also correlate this new layer of information with additional data to fully benefit both patients and providers.”



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