Defining Best Crypto to Invest In for 2021

Since the dawn of cryptocurrency, many people have become enthusiastic about buying or exchanging crypto coins. Cryptos are unique since they are difficult to track, and, therefore, hack.

Today, this movement has gone beyond Bitcoin – now we have unlimited access to other crypto coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and many others that vary in their value and liquidity. Just in autumn 2020, the number of crypto users has risen to over 50 million as the Statista study says where Altcoin users make more than 40 million.

So, we are here today to discover the best crypto to invest in 2021 and help you realize which ones you are going to take up. Study this guide and you will know more.

Get Acquainted With Altcoins and Tokens Before You Start Investing

Altcoins is the term devised to indicate every other crypto coin that is not Bitcoin. In their nature, all Altcoins are designed as complicated programs that are called to solve certain mathematical problems.

They are valued so much since there is no way to track their moves from the central bank working under state bodies. The term itself combines two words – ‘alternative’ and ‘Bitcoin’ meaning the currency alternative to Bitcoin. But why, would you ask, are Altcoins getting more popular than Bitcoin itself?

Even though each of the next Altcoins was created based on the original framework that generated Bitcoin, each of them serves different goals and is used with different apps. With time, Altcoins have started to work on their own protocols and developed the feature of self-dependency. Such Altcoins include the well-known Ethereum, Ripple, Waves, and the less known Nxt, Counterparty, and Omni. For more on the Altcoins worth dealing with, read this article.

Tokens are also currencies but they are even wider. Tokens are considered a monetary value but don’t carry this value in themselves. They are both money and types of encryption which have specific functions.

Which Crypto Coins Are Best to Buy in 2021: Taking a Closer Look

For those of you who desire something more interesting than owning Bitcoin, here is the list of the best Altcoins for 2021 and ideas about investing in them.

  1. Hashbon.

If what you dream about is no or little commission when making your online currency exchanges, Hashbon as well as its Hash Token is the perfect project to invest in. This is true for both personal use and large companies who choose digital assets as their main or additional currency. The conversion fee makes just 1%.

Effortless withdrawal and fast transfers make it a leader among similar projects, especially considering that storing funds in your account is completely free. HASH token is issued on both ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. Hashbon project allows scalable payouts in fiat currency and impressively low exchange rates for its holders.

2. Oraichain.

This token is a platform allowing the connection of artificial intelligences’ APIs to smart contracts and is integrated with Binance Smart Chain. If you love extremely low fees and the use of Hashbon, this token will also become a favorite. Orai Chain users can become stakers and earn on your investments.

However, some expert users notice that Orai Chain is limited in its delivery ability because many Blockchain contracts (smart contracts) are not fit for Artificial Intelligence technology yet.

3. Uniswap.

This is a highly popular token that lets its users operate financial transactions at an impressive speed. The token is also rapidly growing in price. For illustration, if at the start it was worth $5.16, today it makes more than $23.

It, however, lacks stability and fluctuates every month by a significant amount so we advise it to those who are not afraid to risk and lose sometimes.

Uniswap was originally built as an exchange protocol for Ethereum and has become a useful tool to exchange currencies without mediators and make these operations as decentralized as possible.

4. Binance Coin.

This exchange platform doesn’t need a big introduction as it is already used widely. First of all, Binance is the biggest platform judging by its trade volume. Initially established as a convenient way to charge fees for Binance financial transfers, the token has gradually turned to one of the most popular Altcoins in the same row with Ethereum.

As one of the best Altcoins to invest in 2021, Binance allows a safe environment to create, sell, and buy crypto and offers NTFs, – Non-Fungible Tokens. Looking at the global circulation of crypto, nowadays there are more than 153 million registered Binance tokens and each of which is worth up to $650.

5. Ripple.

It is different from many other crypto coins as it is not based on Blockchain. If you are searching for Altcoins to buy or exchange within the context of your business, Ripple can be a good helper in this as it allows you to transfer large sums across the world. XRP is super fast and can handle up to 1,500 financial transactions every second whereas Bitcoin is capable of only 3 to 6. Besides, Ripple lets you transfer coins in any desired form, even in fiat currency.

We hope you enjoyed this guide about the best Altcoins to invest this year to gain maximum profit and advantages from these popular tokens. Whether for your personal use or for business purposes, among these new Altcoins, you will surely find what you have been looking for.

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