Dental Implants in Mexico: A Practical Guide for Medical Tourists

Dental Implants in Mexico:

Medical tourists think about getting their dental implantation treatment in Mexico. Would you like to do the same? Every year, more than 80,000 American dental tourists travel to Mexico for low-cost dental implantation care. Mexico is a very trendy destination for dental tourism. There are hundreds of top dental clinics where patients are getting treated at high standards. The medical platform Bookimed provides a list of clinics in Mexico to get comprehensive dental services at , which are internationally accredited, comfortable, and safe.

Why Foreign Patients Choose Mexico for Dental Work?

  1. Affordable prices

One of the primary reasons for getting dental implants placed in Mexico is the cost, which is 80% more affordable compared to the USA or the UK. If you have basic medical insurance, most probably, it does not cover dental implants. Such restorative dental work can easily exceed your annual limits, so going abroad is an intelligent solution. 

  • Affordable medical care

Aside from the affordable prices, medical tourists are sincerely impressed with the high standards of dental care, available equipment, and hygiene in Mexican dental clinics. The competition between dental clinics is hefty, so the only way to stay in the flow is to invest in the most modern equipment, high-quality materials, and constant professional training of your medical staff. 

  • No waiting lists

International patients benefit a lot from much shorter waiting lists. You can find the most suitable destination, clinics, and procedures with the help of the Bookimed team, the international medical portal with free services at So, if you do not want to wait for an appointment in your home country, just consider your trip to Mexico.

Is Mexico Considered a Safe Dental Destination?

Everything concerning medical tourism should be taken continuously and with maximum precautions. It’s natural when foreign patients wonder whether Mexico is safe for getting dental treatments, which involve invasive oral surgery such as implants.

Patients should take precautions in order to minimize risks. The most important thing is to do the research and find out the information about a clinic, a dentist, their professional training, experience, accreditation, and independent patient reviews. Pick only licensed clinic and read patient reviews before scheduling a procedure.

Prices for Dental Implants in Mexico

If you can’t afford to get dental implants in your home country, Mexico is your second chance to have a beautiful smile and boosted self-esteem. Even a relatively simple dental procedure in the USA can cost you thousands of dollars. The average cost of high-quality dental implants in Mexico is 75% cheaper than in the USA. Surgeons use the same materials, follow the same regulations, and do not make patients wait for months to get the first appointment. The approximate price for a single tooth implant in Mexico is $500 – $900. The price for all-on-4 dental implants is $4,600 – $9,000. Comparing the prices with the USA, you will need to pay $1,500 to $2,000 for a single dental implant or $26,000 and $28,000 for all-on-4 implants.

Why Is Dental Medicine in Mexico Cheaper?

The major factor that influences Mexican dental prices is the cost of living, which is lower compared to the USA, Canada, and other countries where the majority of medical tourists come from. If you check the accommodation prices and wages of dentists and other medical staff, your dental clinic does not have to charge patients, either local or foreign, very high.

What Kind of Dental Implants Do Medical Tourists Seek in Mexico?

Mexico offers a lot of dental services to foreign patients. We are going to see the overview of the most popular dental treatments foreigners are interested in when they come to Mexico.

Full-Mouth Dental Implants

When you come to Mexico to get dental implants, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on a single dental implant. Can you imagine how much you can save on full-mouth dental implants?! It is tens of thousands of US dollars.

Mexican surgeons use the same system of teeth implants that are available in the USA. It is important to check before you make the appointment and start preparing for the trip. Make sure that your home dentist is familiar with the implant system in case you will need to maintain it in the future.

The dental implantation process happens in three visits. When you come for the first time, you get the dental implant screwed into the jaw bone. The process of implant settling takes a couple of months. During the second visit, you will get a temporary crown, and the permanent crown will be installed during the last visit.

All-on-4/6 Dental Implants

Most patients are not ready to wait several months and travel three times to Mexico. They should consider the “All-on-4/6” dental implant type. The benefits of this type are the following:

  • The surgeon puts 4-6 implants per jaw, which makes the price lower.
  • Your temporary dentures will be fitted at the 1st visit.
  • The entire treatment happens in two visits only.


It is a misconception that affordable prices for dental services in Mexico are caused by lower medical standards. In reality, the situation is completely different. There are a lot of well-recognized clinics with excellent reputations. They follow exactly the same medical standards and use the same certified materials as dentists in the USA, the UK, or countries belonging to the European Union.