Dilon Technologies Announces the Beginning of Enrollment in its Pivotal Trial of the Next Generation MarginProbe™ 2 Used in Real-Time Margin Assessment


First Patient Enrollment

Dilon Technologies Inc. announced today the enrollment of its first patient in the Prospective, Single-Arm, Multi-Center Pivotal Trial for its next generation MarginProbe 2 product used in real-time margin assessment.

Dr. Mehran Habibi, MD

“It is thrilling to witness the development and launch of the MarginProbe 2 study. Being actively involved in advancing real-time margin assessment technology remains a significant and ongoing commitment for me,” stated Dr. Mehran Habibi, MD, who is the Chief of Breast Surgery of the Western Region of Northwell Health in NY and Director of the Breast Program at Staten Island University Hospital. Dilon Technologies has 5 (five) US hospital sites approved and ready to begin enrolling patients. “I have already experienced great results with the current MarginProbe technology. Being a part of the trial for a next generation MarginProbe 2 that may yield a higher sensitivity may reduce the number of false negatives and help us do even better for our patients,” stated Dr. Lori Alfonse, DO, Deputy Physician-in-Chief at the Lehigh Valley Health Network Cancer Institute based in Allentown, PA.

Learning Group Data

In the learning group, sensitivity in the MarginProbe 2 ranged between 75% – >90% sensitivity. Dilon has not seen other technology showing publicly available data with comparable sensitivity rates. “I’ve already been able to bring re-excision rates down to 4.5% using the current MarginProbe in my practice. Participating in a trial for the next generation device is extremely exciting to hopefully improve upon that,” said Dr. Vincent Reid, MD, breast surgeon from Mercy Medical Center in Iowa.

Moving Forward

Dilon Technologies looks to continue building evidence around its MarginProbe platform that already has over 12 peer-reviewed publications demonstrating reduction in re-excision rates. “We remain committed to being a leader in women’s healthcare by providing technology for patients that will improve their outcomes. MarginProbe is beginning to become an integral component of breast surgery for more surgeons across the United States each month,” stated George Makhoul, CEO of Dilon Technologies.