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Dissecting Auto Accident Injuries: Spine Injury

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Jason M. Ferguson

Author: Jason M. Ferguson

Among one of the most serious damages that happen because of automobile crashes, are spine injuries. A spine injury can leave you completely incapacitated. The NINDS or National Institute of Neurological Problems describes spine injury as an unexpected, distressing blow to the spinal cord that fractures or disjoints vertebrae. This can trigger the prompt collapse of the bone as soon as it happens. Bone pieces or disc materials can tear into spine cells, developing compressions and also cracks that can destroy axons.

Axons are those nerve fibers that are long-drawn projections that carry out an electrical impulse away from the afferent neuron center. To lay it simple, the axon transfers details to various sections of our body. These axons are vitally important in ensuring that all necessary motor roles are functioning correctly. When a spinal cord injury occurs, it may crash or harm the axons, which can lead to overall body paralysis. In most cases, an SCI will certainly create irreversible damage in sensation, strength as well as other body functions.

If you’ve been in a car crash that resulted in a spine injury, then you can be entitled to compensation for your non-economic as well as your economic problems by contacting a  car crash attorney. Personal injury attorneys can help you recoup problems for lost wages, reduced making capability as well as clinical expenses, together with suffering, psychological misery, disfigurement, shed the capacity to enjoy life, and also aggravation. If you are in need of top-tier legal allies in Arizona, find some of the best phoenix car accident lawyers here.


Jason M. Ferguson of Ferguson Law Group

Sadly, spinal cord injuries take place on a regular basis in cars and truck crashes. The quick beating of the frame back and forth extremely readily creates splitting up of the vertebrae. Since 2019, there is a record of more than 17,500 brand-new SCI cases each year. That number does not consist of individuals that passed away at the place of the incident.

Throughout the USA, you will locate individuals that are currently coping with a spine injury. Based on the National Spine Injury Statistical Center, where the data came from, have an estimate that around 291,000 individuals are suffering from existing SCI cases. The typical age of these injuries is 43 to 50 years old.

Not every spine injury is brought on by an automobile accident, yet they are the leading factor. Considering that 2015, vehicle mishaps comprise 39.3% of the total spinal cord injury cases. Loss, violence, sporting activities, and surgical procedures are the various other typical reasons. Right here are some other stats about SCIs.

  • Sizes of remain in healthcare facilities are around 11 days
  • Insufficient paraplegia is the most typical result of an SCI
  • Medical bills can reach more than $1 million within the first year of the case
  • Lifetime expenses can sum up to $3 million if the crash occurs at 50-years-old
  • 78% of the SCI cases on the database are male

The data highlight how typical spinal cord injuries really are. They impact 54 individuals per one million.


Spine injuries are split down as full or lacking. A total injury indicates that the damages created an overall absence of sensory and also motor function below the location of the injury. For incomplete injury, it implies the capacity of axons to interact with the body to not be lost completely. An incomplete spine injury can usually be relatively easy to fix with the dedication to thorough physical treatment.

Surgical treatment is, most of the time, necessary after the back cells and also the surrounding bones are misaligned or broken. The largest concern with spinal cord injury medical analysis is they are not constantly noticeable immediately. Because of this truth; head injuries, pelvic fractures, permeating back injuries, and also drops are completely assessed for a feasible SCI.

Examinations to conclude that a spine injury has actually occurred includes but are not limited to the following:

  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • myelograms,
  • and also magnetic excitement screening.

Diagnosis of incomplete or total damages is based on the displayed electric motor features of the individual.


A Breakdown of Auto Accident Injuries: 

Spine Injury

We understand that there is an incomplete as well as a complete injury. Thus, both possess certain sets of difficulties, however, complete SCIs will certainly leave someone with long-term insensibility. Tetraplegia and Paraplegia are the various other subsections of SCI medical diagnosis. Paraplegia describes an injury that impacted the waistline down to the toes. On the other hand, tetraplegia (a.k.a. quadriplegia) describes an injury from the neck going to toe. These subcategories can both be incomplete or complete.

There are 4 different kinds of spine fractures that depend on the location of the spine. The back has 33 different vertebrae, that compose 4 various areas; lumbars, cervical, sacral and thoracic, lumbar. Significant severity of the damage is normally simultaneous with the area of the spinal column that is harmed.

Cervical- The cervical part of the spine consists of the 7 vertebrae on top of the spine. Cervical spine injuries are frequently the most extreme since they are better for the mind. As a result of this, it can impact a larger part of the body.  Generally, an injury to this location will certainly create paralysis.

Thoracic- The thoracic area consists of the 12 vertebrae located in the upper as well as the middle portion of the back. That area of the back influences the control of the rib cage, above-body muscles, diaphragm, lungs, as well as part of the abdominals. An injury acquired to the thoracic vertebrae typically leads to incomplete spine injuries.

Lumbar- The lumbar part of the back consists of the 5 vertebrae at the end of the back. This location takes the most weight compared to other parts of the spine. Since a significant amount of your body weight depends on those lumbar vertebrae, the injury to this part will typically cause paraplegia.

Sacral– The sacral location of the spinal area is named coccyx. It is 5 bones that are integrated with each other to develop triangular sacrums. The digestive tract, sex organs, and bladder are regulated by the sacral zone. Trauma to this location of the back will cause some level of loss of features in the legs to the hips.


Signs and symptoms of spine injuries are difficult to identify directly. Each situation is most likely to be distinctive than the following. Among the chance of 33 various vertebrae being involved, such as controlling all edges of your body, the checklist of feasible symptoms is huge. However, the most common include:

  • Discomfort or pressure in your back, neck, or head
  • Incoordination as well as paralysis of limbs
  • Feeling numb, tingling, or absence of experience
  • Loss of digestive tract control
  • Lack of balance
  • Trouble breathing
  • The list is unlimited, that is why the determination is often remarkably tough until numerous tests are ended. Issues can emerge promptly or start to hit you in time. Don’t wait any longer if you’re really exhibiting any of these signs; a minute can imply the distinction between leaving and also paraplegia.


    Spine injuries can be one of the most unfortunate incidents in which not a lot of options are available. There is no chance to turn around the damage that has actually been done. Similar to all medicine, medical tests are constantly being checked to alter the destiny of those with spine injuries. Latest medications are being generated that promote afferent neuron regeneration and also boost the function of the remaining nerves after the injury.

    If you underwent an incomplete spine injury, difficult recovery can return you to your typical self; still, absolutely nothing is ensured.

About the author: Jason M. Ferguson, the founder of Ferguson Law Group, started his career working for an automobile insurance company as a trial attorney before owning his injury law firm for over 20 years. Attorney Ferguson has a unique experience, having tried cases on both sides of the court system in personal injury trials, unlike many other lawyers. Mr. Ferguson also served over 14 years as an Army Reserve officer and the Georgia Air National Guard. The Albany Herald recognized him as one of southwest Georgia’s “40 under 40” in 2010

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