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Thursday, June 8, 2023



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Doceree Takes the Lead on Transparency in Programmatic Point-of-care Messaging by Championing Adoption of Lab Standard

As a leader in point-of-care messaging within healthcare, Doceree drives implementation of ads.txt to make the ecosystem more transparent

Doceree today launched an industry-first initiative championing an existing standard that aims to authenticate messaging from point-of-care publishers within healthcare. The initiative mitigates any possible risks arising from ambiguity of the ecosystem, something not previously done within point-of-care media and media aggregators.

Programmatic technology provides incredible convenience to showcase messages from life sciences brands to healthcare professionals (HCPs) on point-of-care platforms. However, the lack of transparency in the space has marred the progress of the entire ecosystem.

In 2017, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) introduced the ads.txt standard to bolster transparency by authenticating publisher platforms. The adoption of the standard is happening at a slow pace, especially so in the pharmaceutical industry, a sector which is still new to adopting digital tools and technologies to engage HCPs programmatically, compared to those in the consumer marketing space.

As a leader in the point-of-care messaging category, Doceree is championing the adoption of the ads.txt standard in the healthcare industry. As part of its latest effort, the company has also released a white paper entitled “Bolstering Transparency in Programmatic Pharma Messaging” that delves into the crucial role of ads.txt and how its adoption ensures transparency in programmatic media.

“It is equally as important to effectively address the downsides of new technologies and empower companies to confidently use programmatic tools for their business growth and success. Being a leader in this ecosystem, it is our responsibility to do everything that bolsters transparency. This is what we are attempting to achieve with our adoption of IAB’s standard ads.txt practice,” said Harshit Jain MD, Founder and Global CEO, Doceree.

“With Programmatic display ad spending estimated at nearly $150 billion this year, outpacing topline digital ad spending (according to emarketer US market forecast), it’s imperative that marketers know “who” and “where” are the authorized marketplaces.
In healthcare marketing, we walk a very fine line to ensure that the right information is getting to the right patient, caregiver and HCP. This additional level of checks/balances is needed for brand safety and transparency. ”

said Karima Sharif, Strategy Lead + Head of Inclusive Investments, Publicis Health Media.
The Doceree White Paper can be downloaded here.

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