Don’t Shrug Off Erectile Dysfunction: 6 Ways You Can Solve the Problem

A problem quite common among men of all ages, erectile dysfunction is also one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems you as a man can experience. Since it can stem from physical problems, psychological issues, or a combination of both, you must not shrug it off and assume nothing can be done. In fact, once you talk to your doctor, you may be surprised at just how many ways the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved. If you’re ready to leave that limp penis behind, here are six ways to say goodbye to erectile dysfunction.

Trim Your Waistline

If you are experiencing ED, your expanding waistline may be to blame. When you are overweight or obese, the excess fat in your body can interfere with your testosterone and other hormones that play a factor in ED. Being overweight also puts you at a much greater risk of developing diabetes or vascular disease, known to cause ED. In a recent study, it was found that men whose waistlines are at least 42 inches were 50% more likely to experience ED as were men who had waistlines of 32 inches.

Take a Pill

Many men find that taking a pill for their ED is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. By working with your doctor, you can determine which medication will work best for your situation. The most common ED medications in use are:




If you’re worried about potential side effects, you can relax. With most men, only mild side effects such as nasal congestion, headaches, and indigestion are experienced. However, if you are taking nitroglycerine for a heart condition, oral ED medications are not recommended since the combination of medications can result in your blood pressure going too low.

Testosterone Replacement

If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be caused by low levels of testosterone. In today’s world, more and more men are under tremendous levels of stress in their personal and professional lives. When high-stress levels are combined with low T, the result can be ED. If your doctor determines this to be the case, you may be able to begin testosterone replacement therapy to help get rid of ED.

Walk Away Your ED

Yes, getting rid of your erectile dysfunction problem may be as easy as simply walking daily. In a Harvard University study, men who walked 30 minutes each day or got other forms of moderate exercise were found to be 41% less likely to develop ED. Some research has suggested exercise is a very effective way for middle-aged men to solve their ED problems, especially men considered obese.

Sex Therapy and Counseling

Should your doctor determine that there is no obvious physical reason why you should be suffering from ED, you may want to consider becoming involved in sex therapy and related couples’ counseling. This can be especially important if you suffer from performance anxiety before having sexual relations with your partner.

If you have had embarrassing situations regarding ED, your mind can become very powerful at putting more and more doubt into your mind each time before sex. By working with a trained therapist and discovering what may really be at the root of your problem, it may be possible to solve your erectile dysfunction dilemma.

Vacuum Erection Device

Commonly referred to as a penile pump, a vacuum erection device (VED) is often very effective for men who suffer from ED. Inserted over your penis, the pump uses suction to pull more blood to your penis. Once this is done and you have an erection, you can put a tension ring on the base of your penis, allowing you to maintain an erection for at least 30 minutes. As for side effects of using a pump, the most common are mild bruising, ejaculation restriction, and your penis possibly feeling cold to the touch.

The Bottom Line

If you deal with ED, don’t shrug it off and feel all hope is lost. You can learn more about these and other effective ED treatment methods by meeting with your doctor.





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