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Thursday, June 8, 2023



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Dr Hanjing Xie Appointed New CMO of Neogap

Neogap Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on developing personalised cancer immunotherapy, announced today the appointment of Dr. Hanjing Xie as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), starting from 21 March. Dr Hanjing Xie will oversee Neogap’s clinical development programs and pipeline and provide medical oversight for the company’s first-in-human study. Dr. Xie is a highly experienced associate professor and senior consultant in oncology with diverse expertise from the pharmaceutical industry and university hospitals.

Neogap Therapeutics recently received CTA approval for phase I/IIa clinical trial with its advanced cell therapy pTTL (personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes) cell therapy against colorectal cancer. The phase I/IIa trial is expected to begin in the first half of 2023.

Dr. Hanjing Xie has over 25 years of experience from both the pharmaceutical industry, at companies such as Idogen, Oncopeptides, and Bayer, and from university hospitals and institutes, such as the Karolinska University Hospital, the Karolinska Institute, and St. Göran’s hospital. She is an associate professor and senior consultant in oncology, holds a Ph.D. in clinical pharmacology, and has board certifications in clinical oncology, internal medicine, and hematology.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Hanjing Xie as our new Chief Medical Officer. With extensive experience in research, clinical development, and patient care, Dr. Xie brings a wealth of expertise to Neogap. Her diverse background in the pharmaceutical industry and academia, along with specialised training in clinical oncology, and hematology, make her highly qualified to lead our cell therapy trial,” says Samuel Svensson, CEO of Neogap.

“As someone who has dedicated my career to finding new ways to fight cancer, I’m excited to join Neogap, a company that is at the forefront of personalised cancer immunotherapy. Working together with the experienced team at Neogap, I look forward to advancing innovative science and helping to increase survival rates for cancer patients by enhancing tumor-specific immune responses,” says Dr. Hanjing Xie.

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Graphene Sensors May Help to Detect Sepsis Earlier in Critically Ill Patients

A new study from the University of Bath has shown that graphene-based biosensors, designed by Integrated Graphene, have the potential to play a major role in detecting increased levels of lactate, an important biomarker for the treatment of critically ill patients.

Gore announces First U.S. Enrollment for the GORE® VIAFORT Vascular Stent iliofemoral Study

The first U.S. patient was enrolled by David J. Dexter II, M.D. at Sentara Vascular Specialists, Norfolk, Virginia. "With several FDA-approved stents on the market, there was a concern that enrollment in another iliac vein stent trial would be difficult. Designed with the unique qualities for flexibility and radial force, the VIAFORT Device is compelling to use in a clinical trial," he said.

Unweaving the Microscopic Threads of Alzheimer’s Tapestry: Single-cell Dissection of Vascular Changes Across Six Brain Regions

Shining new light on the labyrinth of human brain vessels, researchers map 22,500 vascular cells from 428 donors and six brain regions, revealing key insights for Alzheimer's disease onset and potential treatment.

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