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Dr Neinstein: Taking Plastic Surgery to the Next Level

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Although plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years, technological advances suggest that experts can take the industry to another level. The world has already seen evolutions in plastic surgery, including the development of new surgical tools and equipment and improved anaesthesia methods that make procedures safer and more precise. Additionally, as researchers learn more about the human body and how it heals, they can develop new techniques that produce better results. These advances aren’t to discount the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, as well as 3D printing to increase the precision and accuracy of the procedures.

Advances in plastic surgery indeed require a team. However, Manhattan often credits one surgeon for taking plastic surgery to the next level, Dr. Neinstein. Dr. Neinstein and his team use what they refer to as the Neinstein Method, which incorporates advanced techniques, and a personalized approach to help patients achieve the best possible results. Today, their team specializes in a wide range of procedures, including Tumescent Lipo, Vaser Lipo, tummy tucks, lipo360, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations, breast implants, breast lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, arm lipo, thigh lipo, calf and ankle lipo, gynecomastia, diastasis recti, and j-plasma.

Logically, you might wonder, what does “taking it to the next level” look like in practice?

Incorporating advanced technologies

One way Dr. Neinstein is taking plastic surgery to the next level is by using new technologies to make plastic surgery procedures safer and more effective.

One example is Dr. Neinstein’s use of J-Plasma, a minimally invasive procedure for skin tightening. Neinstein and his team of specialists use this technology to apply cold plasma energy under a patient’s skin. The old energy, in turn, causes a skin contraction that results in tightening and shrinkage.

However, what makes J-Plasma particularly innovative is that before its introduction, experts often considered skin tightening as the missing component of liposuction procedures. In the past, many avoided liposuction because they didn’t want to lose skin. Conversely, surgeons used to tell patients with loose skin in areas such as the arms, inner thighs, and lower abdomen, but with very little extra fat, they needed a large cutting operation, which was more invasive than necessary. J-Plasma’s skin-tightening technology in plastic surgery effectively addresses both of these issues.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein of Neinstein Plastic Surgery is the only physician in Manhattan, New York, to implement J-Plasma’s revolutionary skin-tightening technology into his body contouring practice. He uses Renuvion, an advanced energy device that combines cold helium plasma with Radio Frequency energy to achieve unparalleled results.

Developing new techniques

A second area that Dr. Neinstein is advancing plastic surgery is his consistency in researching and developing new techniques to improve the outcomes of plastic surgery procedures. Throughout his career, his new techniques included using new materials to create more natural-looking results.

Again, looking at a specific example, prospective patients will come across his use of Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) and Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) with the added use of subcutaneous heparin and tranexamic acid. When used in combination, these tools enhance the safety of outpatient liposuction procedures and allow for more fat extraction while expediting the patient’s healing process. The study, led by Neinstein and his team, showed no incidences of venous thromboembolism, greatly advancing plastic surgery as a whole.

Personalizing treatments

Finally, Dr. Neinstein has taken plastic surgery to the next level by completely personalizing his treatments to an individual’s unique needs and goals. With personalization, plastic surgeons can guarantee more accurate and effective results. Since Neinstein’s clinic specializes in mommy makeovers, they have taken it upon themselves to understand all the physical and cosmetic changes mothers can face after giving birth. The team has since made it their mission to help them regain their prenatal bodies through various innovative procedures.

Today Lipo 360, a liposuction procedure that targets the front and back of the torso and pelvic region to give patients a comprehensive body transformation, is one of the most common procedures. Neinstein’s clinic combines this procedure with tummy tucks and c-section shelf repairs to achieve the best results possible.


In conclusion, Dr. Ryan Neinstein is taking plastic surgery to the next level by incorporating advanced technologies, developing new techniques, and personalizing treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs and goals. His expertise in advanced liposuction and mommy makeover surgery, as well as his team’s use of the Neinstein Method, sets them apart from other plastic surgeons in the industry.

Therefore, whether you’re a mother looking to restore your pre-pregnancy body or simply someone looking to improve your overall appearance, Dr. Neinstein and his team have the expertise to help you achieve the best possible results. With its next-level approach, Neinstein Plastic Surgery is a top choice for those considering plastic surgery.




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