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The Best Nuts in the World – Dried Fig, Also Known as Anjeer

Iranian dried fig is filled with nutrients and offers a variety of potential health benefits. Iranian figs are also known as the best-dried figs to eat. They may promote healthy digestion, decrease the risk of heart disease, and help you manage your blood sugar levels. Figs have the following benefits for your health: They help diabetes and glucose control, they enhance skin health, studies show that they are great for digestive disorders, they enhance hair health and they are also great for special dietaries. Dried figs contain massive amounts of nutritious particles and can be delicious and beneficial at the same time. If you have been wondering where to buy Iranian figs, the answer can vary based on your choices. You can easily buy the best quality Iranian dried figs online from well-known websites that provide you with the highest quality Persian figs. It is crucial to find a reliable and responsible supplier from which you can order Iranian dried figs with the best quality online. if you are looking for a responsible and professional producer and exporter’s website in which you can order Persian dried figs online, Kouroshfoods can be the perfect choice for you.

Dried figs wholesale price

Iranian figs price depends on the type and quality of the Persian fig that you request for and the producer that you choose.

Dates, unique energy boosters

Date fruits which come in hundreds of types and varieties play a considerable role in the economy of many of the countries with high export potential. Top-quality dates in the world are a great source on energy and can be a great choice for special dietaries. If you are starting a healthy lifestyle and you want to boost up the energy level in your daily meals, Iranian dates can be the perfect choice for you.  dates are high in Iron, Natural Sugar, and are a healthy snack for the body. You can consume one handful of dates (4-6 dates) which is an approximate number of 100 grams on a daily basis.

Different types of dates have the following health benefits. They have a good impact on the heart, muscles, and eye health. They reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases. They contain a great amount of antioxidants. Therefore, is a good factor in preventing different types of cancer. They are a great choice for enhancing brain function. And they are also a suitable choice for people with digestive problems.

Dates wholesale price

Dates price generally depends on the type of date that you request for. Many factors such as the type of the date, the moisture percentage, and its size and quality can affect on the dates’ price.

Mazafati dates price in Iran varies due to their quality and their moisture. Mazafati is among the most expensive dates in Iran.

Nuts, edible seeds full of nutrients

Iranian nuts consist of a hard shell and a seed inside, which is generally edible and very nutritious. They are delicious and full of energy also they are full of Vitamins and Minerals.

Eating nuts on a regular basis can benefit your health in many ways, such as reducing diabetes and heart disease risk, as well as your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Due to the high level of fiber in nuts, they can aid you in the process of weight loss despite their high calories count. Nuts have the following benefits for your health: They Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes, they reduce inflammation and promote aging in a healthy manner and they are also considered as antioxidant powerhouses.

 Nuts wholesale price

Iranian nuts price depends on the type and size of Persian nut that you request for. Lots of factors such as the type of the nut, the size of the kernel, and its shell type can affect the nut’s wholesale price in Iran.


Iran is one of the greatest producers and exporters of dates, dried figs, and Iranian nuts but choosing the producer wisely is vital. Different producers and suppliers provide you with different qualities and prices. Therefore, choosing responsible and reliable companies like Kourosfoods can end in your benefit. For ordering online you can visit this website.

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