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Earn Extra Revenue the Smart Way – 5 Ideas

Earn Extra Revenue & Select Your Work Schedule

More and more people are seeking second jobs to keep up with their bills. For many, it almost becomes impossible to find the right second job.

Second jobs that take you out of your home are exhausting. In some cases, many people are working close to sixteen hours a day without any true financial reward. With the price of gas increasing and having to pay a babysitter, it is no wonder why young people who are struggling continue to build debt.

So what can you do to offset some of your expenses right from your home? This article describes several interesting and creative ways to earn a decent second income.

YouTube Channel – Become an Influencer

Almost every day of our lives, we stop to take a breath and click on a YouTube video – something to make us laugh, research how-to videos, or view an educational video.  Some very successful YouTube channels are generating millions of dollars. The reality is that it takes a tremendous amount of drive and time to earn millions on YouTube.  It all has to start somewhere. Below are steps to take in building a YouTube channel:

The first and most important step is to select a category.  Whatever you decide, keep in mind that it has to be of interest to the general public. Your messaging has to be unique and creative. Categories include gaming, how to do videos, software tips, website building guides or something fun, or whatever you think might generate enough traffic to start building some income.

The titles of your videos must be enticing and optimized for the best performance. Co-marketing and bringing these videos out on your own social media channels is a way to grow subscribers. Advertising with Google Ads can help too. If you believe that what you have created is tops in content, it might be worth investing in sponsored ads on Instagram.


If you have a vivid and creative imagination, writing a book can relieve a great deal of stress and possibly generate good dollars. You will have to consider hiring someone to help design the front cover or hire a hybrid publishing company to help get it to market. They can help with copyediting, proofreading, design, production, marketing, and distribution of the book.

Blogs and Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra Revenue

How can I make an extra $1000 a month?

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn revenue without having to invest your own dollars. You will need a website to get started, a blog. If you enjoy a favorite sport, are a fashionista, an Internet guru, etc. write on these subjects.  Remember, it is important that your website have good SEO (optimized to its fullest). The better the optimization, the more likely you will generate traffic and earn a high domain authority ranking. Affiliate marketing companies are looking for influencers to showcase their goods and services.

Dropshipping and E-Stores

This requires an e-commerce website where you serve as an intermediary between your customer and wholesaler.  Once you create an online store that offers a variety of products (consumer, software, fashion, make-up, books, etc.), your customer can buy direct from you but it is the wholesaler who actually ships the item to your customer. Sit back and simply earn a commission.

If you have a special craft hobby, consider selling them on Etsy.

eBay has made many happy. It is a perfect outlet to sell new items as well.


Although still in its infancy, cryptocurrency is another way to earn extra revenue. You can buy and sell but research this carefully before starting.

Conclusion – Believe In Yourself

A second job can also be fun to earn extra revenue and if you become really successful, it may be the only job you need to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle! You are smart and talented. Now put those skills to work.






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