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Expert-Backed Tips To Speed Up Recovery After A Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is an excellent decision if losing your crowning glory has changed your life. The minimally-invasive surgical procedure can restore your looks and confidence without much pain and stress. While the surgery is far more effective and less painful than you imagine, you must still do your bit to accelerate the healthy process. A little extra effort often translates into a shorter recovery period. But patients often fail to realize the value of going beyond the doctor’s orders. Let us share a few expert-recommended tips to speed up recovery after a hair transplant.

Know what to expect

Although a hair transplant is one of the simplest procedures, most patients hardly know what to expect. Having unrealistic expectations can land you in a fix, so you must understand the facts before opting in. Some swelling for a few days is common after the procedure. Keeping your head elevated for a week can reduce it. You can sleep in a recliner to keep the swelling at bay. An itchy scalp is also common, but you should avoid scratching it to ensure that the scabs can form undisturbed. Follow the doctor’s orders, and you’ll be just fine!

Enjoy your downtime

Like any other surgical procedure, you must get plenty of downtime after a hair transplant. Be extra careful during the first 24 hours, and avoid any activity. Vacationing during your recovery is an excellent idea. You can consider a Turkey Hair Transplant Package because it gives you the best of both worlds. You get the best treatment from experts and enjoy your downtime after a day of rest. But remember to stay out of the sun while enjoying your day out as a part of the package.

Avoid strenuous activities

Another vital tip doctors recommend after a hair transplant is to avoid strenuous activities, specifically for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Steer clear of exercise because it can increase the blood flow to the scalp. In fact, you should take it easy and skip physical motions like bending at the waist. You can bend at the knees because it does not rush the blood to the scalp. Also, avoid anything that makes you sweat.

Wash according to the directions

Your specialist will ask you to avoid hair washing for the first few days after the procedure so that your scalp can heal. You can wash your hair with a mild shampoo after the waiting period, but being gentle is the key. Avoid direct application of the shampoo, and pour a diluted and lathered mixture on your scalp. You must also avoid the direct spray from the showerhead during the first week following the procedure.

Skip the headwear

You may want to cover your head after a hair transplant, but experts recommend avoiding headwear for a few days after the surgery. You must also avoid tight headwear after the resting period because it may pull out the grafts. Wait for a few more days to wear your favorite baseball cap again.

Besides these precautions, you must watch your alcohol and nicotine intake as they can slow down the healing process. Eat well, get enough sleep, and relax to speed it up and make the mo

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