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July 27, 2020

Printed Circuit Board: PCB is a computer acronym which stands for Printed Circuit Board. This circuit board is used widely in various electronic devices.

The printed circuit board is made up of glass fiber integrated with minute circuits on it. It has multiple transistors and resistors integrated on the board of the circuit. The socket is majorly used in PCs and laptops. You can find one in the CPU of the system. Just like motherboard this circuit also helps to connect various processes of the system. It helps in connecting video games, pen drives, and other external expansion cards to the system.

Besides PC and laptop, you will find the board is implemented in different other devices like camera, mobile, and tablet. The size of the circuit board in mobile phones and cameras is usually smaller compared to PC and laptop.


Printed Circuit Boards are used almost in every kind of device from medical to information technology. Below mentioned are a few areas which require the use of Printed Circuit Boards.

  •   MEDICAL DEVICES: Medical devices are the lifeline of doctors. Medical devices are mostly used to conduct different medical experiments. The rise in the medical arena is due to the development in the technological field. Most of the medical devices have Printed Circuit Boards mounted on them. These Circuit boards help the practitioners to conduct various kinds of medical experiments. The working of the device depends on the capacity of the circuit board. They usually act as motherboards to the device.
  •   MACHINERY: Machinery is the high functioning devices used by industries for large production. For the massive production of materials, the machinery must imbibe great widgets. Thus thick copper boards play a critical role in the substantial functioning of these machinery. The highest version of circuit boards is mounted in the industrial machinery for their efficient functioning capacity.
  •   AEROSPACE: The aerospace industry is the most highly technological field in the world of today’s time. The industry has various technical fields which makes it possible to achieve highly sourced projects. Light-weighted Printed Circuit Boards are manufactured especially for the aerospace industry. Large professionalized companies of the globe render PCB design services.


  • Single-layer
  • Double layer
  • Multi-layer
  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Flex-rigid
  • High frequency
  • Aluminum backed


  • COMPACT SIZE: The main advantage of using PCB is it comes in a small size performing various functions. Initially, computers used to come in the size of a room but with development in technology, the size of the systems reduced. Just like that PCB performs various extraordinary functions but comes in compact size easy-to-use. There is no need for multiple connections and wires years since PCBs have integrated copper wires to perform the tasks.

●    EASY TO REPAIR: The installation and removal process is quite easy due to their compatible size. This makes it easy to repair also. They are easily repairable and replaceable with time. In case of any damage caused the wirings to tell the story of the cause. This makes it very easy to repair.

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