Fighting False Rape Accusations: The Necessary Steps You Should Take

False Rape Accusations

One false accusation can ruin your life and leave you with a tarnished reputation, making it harder to find a new job or build a social circle. False rape accusations are very serious and though they don’t happen often, one is too many. If you ever find yourself fighting false rape accusations there are steps you need to take as soon as possible. In this article, we will go over some of the most important things you need to be doing if you even find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Find a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

What you want is a lawyer who has experience with these cases, both in defending false accusations and also in prosecuting them. You might be surprised to learn that most lawyers in Wichita have dealt with at least one case of false rape accusation during their tenure, but some deal with it more than others. You need an experienced false sexual accusations lawyer in Wichita who understands the ins and outs of this type of prosecution and is well prepared to defend against them. If they haven’t defended against false rape allegations they may not know what kind of evidence they’re going to need to present or how good your chances are for successfully defending yourself. Thus, make sure you find a lawyer who has experience in this specific type of case.

Collect Evidence and Do Your Research

You want to collect as much evidence against the false accuser as you can. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information and see if they are willing to testify on your behalf. Also, look for security video footage near where the alleged incident occurred that might help prove your innocence or at least raise some doubt of your guilt. You should also compile a list of all of the people who can vouch for your whereabouts that night. If you have an alibi, make sure you document where you were when the alleged incident occurred. This will help strengthen your defense against the false allegations and it will make it more difficult for the false accuser to weasel out of their charges.

Don’t Talk to the Police

Remember, you’re under no obligation to speak with the police. They can’t make you speak with them even if they think you are guilty. If they want to question or arrest you then by all means call your false rape accusations lawyer first and have them present before talking to the police. Once again, this is something important that not a lot of people realize but it’s vital for your legal protection. When the police show up at your door, don’t say anything other than “I need to speak with my attorney” until your attorney gets there. You may get some weird looks but it’s important that you get an experienced false rape allegations lawyer in Wichita on the scene before talking to anyone else like investigators or the accuser.

Don’t Talk to Your Accuser at All

Remember, you can’t talk to your accuser. This is yet another thing that not a lot of rape accused people are willing to do or understand the importance of doing but it’s something you should be taken seriously. You never know what could happen if you go up and try to speak with them, things could get really bad for you in a hurry. If they accuse you of rape then assume they’re going to stick with their story and don’t give them any opportunities to change or alter it in any way. Don’t ask questions, don’t question their experience, and don’t try to convince them not to press charges against you. This will only work in helping build the prosecution’s case against you and make proving your guilt easier. Avoiding speaking with your accuser or doing anything that could weaken your defense against false rape accusations is vital for your legal protection.

Don’t Question Your Accuser’s Credibility

Remember, you are not allowed to question their credibility! This sounds difficult but it isn’t. You should never speak directly to or confront them about their accusation or say anything along the lines of “I don’t believe you” or “how could you do this?” These kinds of questions are dangerous and can be used as evidence against you in court if you do them. If they accuse you of rape then just stick with the facts, only discuss the situation regarding what happened between the two of you, and avoid saying anything else that may come back to haunt you later. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t go out of your way to prove your innocence.  Leave that to your attorney, who should be doing everything they can to prove your innocence the best way possible.

Fighting false rape accusations can be a difficult and frustrating experience. You will probably feel angry, upset, discouraged, and even incredulous throughout the process, but try to not let these feelings get in the way of your legal defense. Remember to follow along with your attorney’s advice and stay patient throughout this difficult process. The sooner you find an experienced criminal defense lawyer that will work for you, the sooner they can start working on building your defense and protecting your rights.

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