First Nation Group and NightWare Partner to Deliver First and Only Therapeutic Platform Designed and FDA Cleared to Treat Nightmares Related to PTSD

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December 10, 2020

First Nation Group offers NightWare™, a digital therapeutic platform delivered through the Apple Watch® to interrupt PTSD-related nightmares, to Government customers.

Today First Nation Group announced a new partnership with NightWare, the creators of the NightWareTM therapeutic platform, to deliver innovative care to our nation’s heroes diagnosed and struggling with severe nightmares associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or nightmare disorder.

NightWare is a digital therapeutic platform using artificial intelligence to create a personalized treatment for patients suffering from nightmares. It delivers the therapy through the Apple Watch to improve sleep disturbance. This partnership allows U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), and other federal agencies to provide life-changing therapy to impact PTSD-associated nightmares in adults.

“We are proud to be able to bring a non-pharmacological therapy to market to assist Veterans suffering from PTSD-associated nightmares,” said Glenn Munroe, Senior Vice President of Business Development for First Nation Group. “We believe NightWare will allow those struggling with nightmare disorder to experience restorative sleep on a nightly basis.”

NightWare is an FDA cleared medical device that uses sensors on the watch to monitor an adult patient’s sleep. Using machine learning, NightWare creates a Smart Sleep Stress Index™ of a person’s sleep to detect a nightmare and intervene to disrupt the nightmare resulting in improved sleep. In their ongoing randomized and controlled clinical trial, NightWaresaw improved sleep disturbance over control in Veterans diagnosed with PTSD and nightmare disorder. There were no adverse events reported during the study. The trial is ongoing.

“NightWare is excited to market our first-of-its-kind treatment for nightmare disorder with First Nation Group,” said Grady Hannah, Chief Executive Officer of NightWare. “First Nation Group is the premier medical-surgical distributor for Sleep Therapy in the VA and the DoD. This is a mission-driven organization with a passion for helping Veterans and it shows.”

First Nation Group, the premier Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Women-Owned Small Business, and HUBZone Small Business medical-surgical distributor, has served the Federal Government since 1992. The expansion of Sleep Therapy solutions to include the PTSD and nightmare disorder products, allows First Nation Group to meet the needs of Veterans and active duty military personnel suffering from clinically significant nightmares.

“Every Veteran that has served this nation with honor and dedication should be able to end each day with a restful night’s sleep,” said Cheryl Nilsson, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of First Nation Group. “We are proud to partner with NightWare to provide Veterans and active duty service members suffering from PTSD with more innovative, non-invasive treatment options to improve mental and physical health, starting with a good night’s sleep.”



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