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Fist Assist Devices Announces Approval of FACT by University of Chicago Medical Center

4/9/19: The Fist Assist® device is the only wearable, patent-protected intermittent compression device that supports vein dilation for patients with ESRD. The non-invasive device applies intermittent pressure to a specific superficial arm vein to help dilate the vein prior to surgical or endovascular fistula placement. As extensively studied, larger veins before fistula creation can ensure that the fistula reaches optimal size without delays or extra procedures, ultimately reducing costs for both patients and dialysis providers.

Fist Assist Devices, LLC Announces Formation of a Global Medical Advisory Board

2/20/19: “As Fist Assist Devices, LLC prepares for its global commercialization launch, initially commencing in India this summer, the global MAB was developed to counsel the company on maximizing opportunities to advance outcomes, lower costs and improve patients’ end-stage renal disease journey,” said Tej Singh M.D., CEO and Founder of the company.