Fivos and Cedaron Partner to Further Vascular Care and Collaboration Through Participation in Society for Vascular Surgery Vascular Quality Initiative

Fivos announces a strategic partnership with Cedaron Medical to expand participation in the Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) by combining Fivos’ robust registry platform services with Cedaron’s data collection and management expertise.

Fivos provides national registry services for SVS VQI, which collects extensive data on vascular procedures, including devices used. Fivos PATHWAYS® is the cloud-based platform for SVS VQI’s 14 registries. Since its inception in 2011, SVS VQI has collected data on over 950,000 procedures and has emerged as the leading resource for quality vascular care and outcomes.

Founded in 1990 with a NASA innovation grant, Cedaron is a leading software solution that automates data collection and validation at the point of care for over 50 national registries, including those from the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), and the American Heart Association (AHA). This partnership expands Cedaron’s list of certified registries to include the SVS VQI.

Cedaron CEO Karen Bond stated, “We are excited to add vascular care to our quality outcomes portfolio. This partnership makes it possible for our customers to participate in SVS VQI through Cedaron’s intelligent automated data collection platform, providing a familiar user interface with established integration. By standardizing their registry activities, our customers can reduce training time and start-up costs.”

With the growth of participation expected to emerge from the partnership, SVS VQI data will become even more powerful for care providers. “We have seen vast improvement in patient outcomes as more data from registries has become available for study,” said Dr. Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, Society for Vascular Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO) Medical Director. “Fivos and Cedaron both support VQI’s mission to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost of healthcare. Cedaron creates another path for centers to participate in VQI and we look forward to the contributions they will make through our registries.”

Fivos CEO Jay Colfer, added, “The biggest barrier hospitals face when adding new registries is data collection. This partnership addresses that challenge by providing access to VQI through Cedaron’s certified registry software and data abstraction services. It was a natural fit to bring the three organizations together to expand the reach of SVS VQI with the common goal of ultimately improving vascular care for everyone.”

About Fivos

Medstreaming and M2S are now Fivos Health. Founded in 2006, Fivos is the industry’s only provider of comprehensive data solutions for specialty providers, medical registries, and device manufacturers. By taking a holistic approach to data capture, insights, and action, Fivos helps drive innovation, improve outcomes, and lower costs for unique clinical workflows. Vascular, cardiovascular, women’s health, and other specialties can leverage Fivos solutions to manage workflows, assess performance, measure risk, and meet regulatory markers.

About VQI

Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) is governed by the SVS Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society for Vascular Surgery, which provides oversight of data sharing arrangements, key outcome and quality measure analyses, and dissemination of information to participating providers. SVS VQI comprises vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, and specialists who perform vascular procedures collected in the VQI Registries, as well as Quality Improvement professionals, data managers, and others dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Over 900 participating centers are divided into 18 regional quality groups who meet biannually to discuss initiatives for improving the quality of vascular care. To learn more about SVS VQI, visit

About Cedaron

Cedaron was founded in 1990 with a NASA Innovation Grant and a vision to greatly improve patient outcomes. Today, they hold the most registry certifications in the industry, allowing hospitals to centralize their outcome reporting and gain a holistic view of quality metrics. With on-demand access to Cedaron’s interventional analytics, leading health systems report quantifiable ROI in reduced readmissions, lower cost of care, higher provider satisfaction, and greater user efficiency. Cedaron’s promise from the start has been to ensure a quality user experience and a highly personalized approach to customer service.

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