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Freelance Medical Device Specialists Can BOOST Your Device Business

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January 11, 2021

Freelance medical device specialists can boost your device business and help you reduce time-to-market by helping you with regulatory compliance, clinical research, and marketing campaigns.

Author: Ramya Sriram is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Kolabtree.

The medtech industry has undergone a major upheaval in recent years. The global medtech outsourcing market is expected to exceed $231 billion by 2027, Grand View Research predicts. The growing gig economy is also encouraging companies to expand their talent pool and work with medical device specialists on an on-demand basis. Outsourcing offers an opportunity to focus on core activities that accelerate business growth while improving delivery and reducing costs.

Taking a device to market is a complex and challenging task. Established companies have in-house resources to handle each step of the product journey from design to regulatory compliance. However small businesses often cannot afford in-house teams for each function. The availability of freelance medical device specialists allows medical device SMEs to take an agile and scalable approach to hiring.

Services medical device specialists can help with

Regulatory writing 

Failing to meet regulatory compliance requirements can lead to product recall, which can not only mean heavy loss of equipment and money but can also damage reputation. As the regulatory landscape keeps changing, it is essential for manufacturers to stay updated about the latest requirements.

One of the major changes to medical device regulations is the EU MDR which comes into effect in May 2021. As part of MDR requirements, manufacturers who want to bring a product into the EU market have to maintain a Clinical Evaluation Report throughout the life cycle of the product. Medical device companies have started to outsource this function to expert CER writers, without requiring them to be in-house. In the last year, almost all of the CER jobs that were listed on job portals were listed as work-from-home jobs. Companies also routinely hire FDA consultants to ensure their 510(k) applications and PMA submissions meet guidelines.

Grant writing

Researching grants and applying to the right one can be a time-consuming process. However, hiring freelance grant writers can help accelerate the process, especially if they have a high success rate of securing grants offered by organizations such as Innovate UK or NIH SBIR. Freelance grant writers can help with compiling literature and evidence required to support the application and increase your chances of securing funding.

Statistical services 

Study design and outcomes analysis form an important part of medtech R&D. Freelance biostatisticians can help you design studies, choose the right statistical methodology, and interpret results accurately. Biostatisticians can help with compiling systematic reviews and conducting meta-analyses to make sure that the most meaningful data feeds into your research. While large companies typically hire full-fledged CROs for help with end-to-end clinical research, small companies can consult independent contractors for help with specific areas.

Medical content writing 

Designing a product is only half the battle won. Promoting it to the right audience and communicating to all stakeholders is essential for a product to successfully sustain itself in the market. Medical content writers can help with authoritative content, develop creative campaigns and put your product in front of potential customers. Experienced SEO writers can also help you meet Google’s E-A-T guidelines which require medical content to be expert-sourced. Working with medical writers early on in the process gives you the advantage of creating a buzz in the market ahead of the product launch.

Case study: Jon Mendelsson, the COO of Chemo Mouthpiece, a medical device company, was looking for documentation to support the launch of his cryotherapy device in the market. Through Kolabtree, he hired a freelance scientific writer, who helped him put together a summary of outcomes and a research report. Jon then used the documents to generate interest in the product before it was launched.

Benefits of hiring freelance medical device specialists 


For one-off requirements, it is more cost-effective to hire a freelancer on-demand than hiring full-time, in-house staff, or working with agencies. The biggest perk of working with an independent consultant is that there are no retainer fees: you don’t have to commit to a minimum contract or cost. SMBs and startups, in particular, need to make the most effective use of their limited resources and think of clever ways that will put them on a level playing field as their competitors. Data from Kolabtree shows that companies have saved up to 40% costs by working with freelancers over full-time staff.

COVID-19 has forced businesses worldwide to adapt to a new way of working. This has helped companies identify opportunities to build flexible teams and adopt policies that are beneficial to both employee and employer.

Access to better talent

Remote working gives you a larger pool of talent to hire from. As geographical restrictions start to fade, you can now work with specialists across the globe. While earlier, it was a painstaking process to find experts and connect with them, expert networks make it easy to easily contact specialists in niche areas. It’s now easier for companies of all sizes to hire biostatisticians and regulatory writers. Senior medical device specialists with experience in FDA design controls and product development are also becoming increasingly accessible and affordable.


Using on-demand platforms to hire experts gives you the added advantage of getting a wide range of quotes before you choose one that works best for you. You can also put into place custom agreements with independent contractors, which is harder to do with consulting firms. For example, Kolabtree gives you the advantage of discussing your requirements on a one-to-one basis with medical device consultants to make sure you make an informed decision. You also don’t have to spend time searching for experts: you can simply post your project for free and get quotes.

Working with freelance medical device specialists is worth the investment and is something to consider early on in the cycle. In the long run, companies can build entire teams of remote experts who are available on demand. The increasing availability of support and expertise via freelancers and consultants will help strengthen innovation and research in the medtech industry.

Author bio: Ramya Sriram is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Kolabtree, the world’s leading platform for hiring experts on demand. Kolabtree helps medical device companies of all sizes find and hire trusted freelance medical writers, statisticians, product development consultants, and researchers.

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