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Fuse Medical Launches FuseChoiceTM Biologics Portfolio

December 22, 2020

Fuse Medical, Inc. is an emerging manufacturer and distributor of innovative medical devices for the orthopedic and spine marketplace. Today they announced the initial launch of FuseChoiceTM and FuseChoiceTM Plus Amniotic & Umbilical Membranes, and FuseChoiceTM Plus Amniotic Joint Cushioning Fluid, the latest additions to a comprehensive line of biologics product offerings.

Fuse Medical notes FuseChoiceTM Single Layer Amniotic Membrane, FuseChoiceTM Plus Multi-Layer Amniotic Membrane, and FuseChoiceTM Max Umbilical Membrane may be used as an anatomical barrier in numerous clinical applications. The natural properties of amniotic tissue help provide mechanical protection to damaged tissue, while the proprietary process retains essential nutrient-rich growth factors.

The FuseChoice Plus AFTM Amniotic Joint Cushioning Fluid is an all-natural liquid matrix allograft derived from amniotic fluid. The cushioning effect of amniotic fluid in utero shields the fetus from outside pressures, acting as a shock absorber. It principally functions to cushion surface articulation within the joint capsule to provide shock absorption, lubrication, and joint stability by harnessing the natural cushioning properties of amniotic fluid to deliver the same support to joint capsules.

“We are excited about the expansion of our biologic & regenerative product portfolio. The US commercialization of the FuseChoiceTM line of products further demonstrates our belief in the future of biologics,” commented Christopher C. Reeg, Chief Executive Officer of Fuse Medical. “The FuseChoiceTM amniotic technology provides surgeons with advanced treatment options for their patients requiring biologics intervention or use in conjunction with surgery.”

Additional extensions to the Biologics and Regenerative Medicine portfolio in the first half of 2021 will include FuseChoice DermTM Non-Fenestrated Dermal Matrix, FusePureTM Demineralized Bone Matrix, Strips and Cubes, and FuseTrilogy TM Viable Bone Matrix, an osteoconductive, osteoinductive & osteogenic DMSO-free bone void filler requiring no mixing preparation.

Reeg further added, “Our priority at Fuse is to provide effective solutions for today’s clinical challenges and assist with improving surgical outcomes.”

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