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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Health Reasons To Put Down Your Smartphone

Smartphones are fantastic devices. They enable us to do so much and interact with so many people. However, this is also one of its drawbacks; since they are so useful, they can become a distraction or, worse, an addiction. It’s a good idea to turn them off totally every now and again, walk outdoors without them, and restrict their usage, all in aid of better health. Here are some of the reasons why.

They Are Harmful To Your Eyes

When our eyes are in good functioning order, we often take them for granted. Too much smartphone usage, however, could harm them and actually limit our capacity to focus on objects in the distance. Because we are so used to gazing at screens up close, our eyes are adjusting and adapting to do that all the time. It’s ingenious in terms of how the eyes and body work, but it’s not good for you. And it’s not simply a matter of distance; the HEV light produced by cellphones can cause retinal tissue damage.

They Are Dirty

Consider where our smartphones are throughout the day, in a mucky pocket or dirty purse. Consider how many times we – and other people – touch them. Is it any surprise to learn that they are infested with bacteria? Then we place these dirty objects near our lips and ears. According to one study, around thirteen percent of smartphones contain fecal matter, while sixteen percent include E. coli germs. Even if we wash our hands on a regular basis, our phones will get filthy.

They Cause Neck And Back Pain

Cell phones harm our necks and backs so much that a new medical word for the problem has been coined: ‘text neck.’ When we walk about with our heads down (to gaze at a phone screen, for example), we exert a lot of strain on our cervical spine. The weight on the spine could weigh up to 60 pounds. If you’re in this type of discomfort, you’ll need to see a chiropractor, and in serious circumstances, you might even need specialist spine surgery undertaken by an expert like Dr Richard Parkinson. However, after your back and neck discomfort has been relieved, reduce and limit the amount of time you spend messaging and surfing the net on your smartphone, or it will return.

You’ll Get Sore hands

Along with ‘text neck,’ a new phrase has emerged: ‘text claw.’ This term is used to describe the cramping agony caused by holding a smartphone for extended periods of time. The thumb is the most susceptible digit since it is the most often used for texting. Tendon problems and inflammation are possible. One option to avoid this is to use a stylus instead, but the best approach to alleviate the discomfort and cure the damage is to turn off the phone and stop using it for a bit.

They Limit Sleep

The urge to check your phone one final time before going to bed is frequently very high. However, having a device generating blue light near your face might disrupt your circadian rhythm (your normal sleep cycle), which means you won’t receive the proper sort or quantity of sleep. Sleep deprivation makes you short-tempered and unproductive, and it’s also terrible for your health; individuals who sleep less are more prone to heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes, among other things.

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