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Healthy Aging: Tips To Replenish NAD+ Levels Naturally

Healthy aging is a concern for everyone, but people seldom realize the significance of nutrients and processes inside the body. It is easy to embrace supplements and aesthetic treatments to curb the signs of aging.

But you can unlock the secrets of healthy aging by reworking the levels of Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Essentially, NAD is an alternative form of vitamin B3 that facilitates several crucial biological processes. It repairs damaged DNA, supports cell defense systems, converts food into energy, and coordinates circadian rhythms.

Lower levels translate into higher risks of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and vision loss. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline as you get older, so you can expect problems to crop up over the years. It can accentuate the visible signs of aging and even affect your longevity. Thankfully, there are ways to replenish NAD+ levels naturally. You only need to embrace a few lifestyle changes to get them on track and achieve the benefits of youthful metabolism, high energy, and optimal health. Here are the measures to help.

Switch to a healthy diet

Experts recommend a balanced diet for all ages, but you need to go the extra mile as you get older. Apart from focusing on healthy food choices and ditching culprits such as sugar and unhealthy fats, put more raw foods with vitamin B on your plate. These include avocados, peanuts, and steamed fish. Cow’s milk is another rich source of this nutrient, so including a couple of glasses in your daily diet can take you a long way. Stick with less-processed whole grains because they have a higher amount of B vitamins. The best way to do it is by selecting the brown variants of rice, bread, and flour products. Fermented foods and drinks such as sauerkraut and kombucha make a great addition to your diet. Besides being high in NAD+, these foods relieve chronic joint pain and persistent bloating.

Try intermittent fasting and ketosis diets

Eating a high-NAD diet gives you a good start, but you can go the extra mile by adopting intermittent fasting. It is a popular weight-loss method that entails cycles of fasting amid periods of eating. Typically, you have to include extended periods of fasting (such as 16 hours in a day) followed by healthy meals. The intermittent fasting pattern triggers body shock, which elevates the natural supply of NAD+. Likewise, a Ketosis diet is great for replenishing the natural levels of NAD+. The plan includes a diet high in protein and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. The best part is that you get the benefit of losing significant weight while restoring the nutrient level for healthy aging.


Physical activity is the mainstay of healthy aging, and it helps with the maintenance of your NAD+ levels as well. You can check to get more facts and information with research studies on NAD and its correlation with healthy aging. You require it for maintaining metabolism and energy levels to exercise daily. Your body responds to the requirements by producing it naturally. Staying fit has several more benefits for slowing down the aging progression. It also increases the synthesis of DNA-rebuilding proteins.

Limit sun exposure

Spending too much time in the sun can be detrimental to the natural NAD+ levels in the body. While you need a healthy dose of sunshine to maintain vitamin D levels, excess exposure can deplete the supply of NAD+. It happens because direct sunlight on your skin pushes your body to use more NAD+ to repair the cellular damage caused by the UV rays. Try limiting exposure by staying indoors during peak hours. You can wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing to prevent skin damage while stepping out.

Get more heat

It sounds counterintuitive, but your body needs heat to maintain the levels of NAD+. You can get it from artificial heat sources such as heated pools, hot tubs, and saunas. The heat exposure causes the heart to pump faster, while your body requires more energy to keep cool. The additional requirement of energy triggers an increase in the production of NAD+ naturally. You can spend some time outdoors and schedule a bit more for getting heat from artificial sources.

Besides relying on these natural measures to boost your NAD+ levels naturally, a therapeutic approach can also help. You can seek specialist advice about options like oral, subcutaneous, and IV therapy to keep these levels on track. A little effort takes you a step closer to healthy aging, so you must embrace these measures sooner than later.


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