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HeartFlow Planner Receives FDA Clearance

The HeartFlow Planner will enable interventional cardiologists to virtually model clinical scenarios vessel-by-vessel, explore treatment strategies for patients with CAD before each procedure, review cases with colleagues, and ensure everyone has a clear picture of the initial treatment plan.

New Survey Reports Fewer than 1/3 of Americans Know Biggest Health Threat – Heart Disease

2/7/19: The research shows that while most people are optimistic about new health innovations, anxieties and fear may prevent people from seeking effective treatment for their heart health.

HeartFlow Announces Its Novel, Non-Invasive FFRct Technology for Coronary Artery Disease Receives Positive Review from Blue Cross Blue Shield

HeartFlow reports reports this non-invasive technology is the first to provide insight into both the extent of coronary artery disease (CAD) and the impact the disease has on blood flow to the heart.