How Auto Insurance Deals with Injury Claims

The main reason vehicle insurance is mandatory in most countries is to pay for the damages and injuries motorists could cause to third parties. The governments don’t care about you crashing your automobile into a tree as it is your action and your damage. When your actions hurt other people, authorities feel the need to intervene and make you pay for them.

The part of a policy that pays for injuries is usually the Liabilities portion. In most parts of the world, it is illegal not to have car insurance but all you actually need is Liability coverage. You don’t need to insure your own vehicle. In poorer countries, most people just arrange this and they are widely available. In developed countries, most people buy a decent level of protection and comprehensive policies.

Which Auto Insurance Coverage Pays for Injuries

As mentioned above, the Liability portion of a policy pays for injuries caused to third parties. If you are at fault in an accident, you or your family cannot claim a third-party portion. You need to have Personal Injury Protection to be able to request compensation for yourself and your family members.

No-fault states in the US actually require people to buy Personal Injury Protection so that they can claim on their policies even if it was someone else’s fault. This reduces the red tape and speeds up the process. Also, it frees up the courts and legal system as people just get on with it and get paid by their own carriers.

For this reason alone, you need to work with a dependable auto insurance company.

How Long Does an Injury Claim Take to Settle

One of the problems with these types of issues is that it is hard to assess them quickly and deal with them effectively. However, most car insurance companies authorize the initial treatments pretty fast to start the process. They start paying for it as it goes and the file may remain open for some time since both parties want to make sure that the person is fully recovered and there won’t be any comebacks before they finalize the settlement.

If you are ever involved in an accident where people are hurt you should contact your automobile insurer even if you are not sure if they would make a claim or if it is your fault. Companies want to get in early in these cases and assess the situation themselves. At times, they may even want their own doctor to have a look at the patients.

The good thing is that car insurance companies will deal with the injuries as long as you have sufficient Liability coverage. It may take years for the person to recover fully and settle finally and you won’t even know what is really happening. Imagine dealing with such a situation on your own without insurance.

Fraud and Costs of Injury Claims

It is expensive to deal with them because medical bills are high in the USA. Furthermore, it is difficult to judge if the person is faking the symptoms to get more money out of insurers. There are many fraudulent claims every year and they are costing millions of dollars.

Also, people may be conscious when they are claiming from their own insurers but they don’t need to hold back when they are third parties. It isn’t their insurance that will go up at the end anyway. Besides, whoever caused the accident should be made to pay for any costs incurred in the process.

People don’t really need to look for the cheapest treatments, like it may be with auto repairs. They deserve the best treatment they can get. And even after they recover fully, all they usually get is their health before the accident and nothing more after all the pain and suffering.

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