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How Beneficial Are Supplements And Who Can Gain From Taking Them

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A balanced diet usually provides the body with all the essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients needed to sustain good health. However, everyone’s diet is different or someone may have a food allergy leading to a nutrient deficiency, and a popular solution to give your body a boost is dietary supplements.

There are a variety of dietary supplement products available in capsules, liquids, powders and tablets containing ingredients such as amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Some well-known supplements include omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins B-12, C and D, and zinc.

Supplements, How Beneficial Are Supplements And Who Can Gain From Taking Them

Before deciding which supplements to buy it is worth researching specific nutrients and their effects and if a product is FDA approved. If you are on medication it is recommended to consult with your doctor to check how supplements may interact with it.

Although dietary supplements are not considered drugs or medicines as they do not cure diseases, they do have some positive health benefits which you can read about below.

They Give the Body a Nutrient Boost

It’s no secret that the majority of people in America don’t eat a balanced diet that provides all the required minerals and vitamins. Therefore a large number of USA supplements available online and at the stores focus on nutrients found in most healthy foods. These include nutrients most people would recognize such as vitamins A, B-12, C, D and E.

A major advantage of health supplements is that they can ensure a person gets the correct nutrients in the right dosages. Furthermore, even though supplements are not classed as drugs they still have to be certified as safe by the FDA.

Taking supplements is unlikely to make any vitamin or mineral deficiency completely disappear, however it will help to increase nutrient levels and promote better health.

Brain Functions Are Improved

As people get older some cognitive decline will inevitably occur such as becoming more forgetful or taking longer to respond to questions. Even though memory loss is something everyone will experience, some people mitigate the symptoms by taking supplements. Supplements that are particularly known for promoting a healthier and more reflexive brain are omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Decreased Chance of Heart Disease

One of the leading causes of death in the U.S. is heart disease despite it being preventable in many cases, the steps you can take to reduce the risk of heart disease are eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising and getting enough sleep.

In addition to the above, people also take supplements to promote a healthier heart such as coenzyme Q10, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Weight is Easier to Regulate

There are various potential health risks associated with even being slightly overweight, however in addition to regular exercise, taking certain supplements can help to manage and lose weight. Supplements that can improve weight loss include chitosan, chromium picolinate and glucomannan.

Improved Vision

One natural consequence of aging is the gradual or sudden degeneration of eyesight which many people learn to accept. What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to put up with poor eyesight and the macular degeneration of the eyes that occurs due to aging. Supplements containing copper, vitamins C and E, and zinc can provide a natural boost to the quality of eyesight.

A Boost to the Immune System

Sometimes your immune system needs a boost especially when you are feeling rundown due to exhaustion, recovery from illness or stress. Staying hydrated and eating healthy food is often enough to keep our immune system strong, but occasionally it needs a boost which can be provided by supplements. There are plenty of supplements out there that can improve your immune system but some good examples are supplements containing astragalus root or ginger.

Your Body Will Be in Better Shape

Keeping in good shape is important for many people and ordinarily, this is achieved through a good diet and lots of intensive working out. Dietary supplements can complement an exercise routine by providing extra nutrients needed to repair and soothe aching bones, muscles and tendons. Supplements like calcium and vitamin D for example are considered to improve the strength and health of bones.

Better Sleep

Poor sleep is a common complaint around the world, as millions of people regularly suffer the consequences of shortened or disrupted sleep. The symptoms the day after usually involve drowsiness, poor memory, lack of energy and even a bad mood.

For people with problems sleeping the best solutions are creating a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine, reducing noise pollution and ensuring the bedroom is comfortable. These solutions can be supported by taking supplements that promote better sleep, namely those that are made from melatonin which can help you sleep faster and deeper.


Supplements Can Support Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

Plant-based diets are growing in popularity which is only expected to continue growing into the future, however, there is one major setback to vegan and vegetarian diets and that is they don’t always provide all the required nutrients. One solution to this is vegan-friendly dietary supplements that can give your body minerals and vitamins that are found less in plants compared to animal products.

They Can Help Manage Medication Side Effects

A large proportion of Americans take at least one prescription drug to treat an ongoing medical condition and they are almost always beneficial. However, there are some possible negative side effects when taking medications, including causing mineral and vitamin deficiencies. In these cases, supplements can give the body a top-up of key nutrients to help with the side effects of certain medicines.

Supplements Can Provide Extra Nutrition For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often need supplements to maintain healthy levels of minerals and vitamins for both them and their child. Taking certain supplements such as choline, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B is often recommended for pregnant women to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Although pregnant women should always check with their doctor first before taking any supplements.

Dietary supplements can offer a range of health benefits including improved general health, better sleep and decreased risk of illness so if you are considering taking supplements to bolster your healthy diet then hopefully you found the benefits of dietary supplements outlined in this article useful.

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