How Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Eye Care Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only been a threat to everybody’s health and life in general. It has also affected a lot of industries providing essential services and that includes the eyecare industry. If before, you can just freely go to the eyecare clinic to have your eyes checked and treated from whatever eye issues you experience, big changes have been made in the midst of this pandemic. Below are a few ways by which the CODIV-19 pandemic has affected Elite Vision Center doctors & staff and the changes being implemented.

  1. Implementing Fresh Methods to Provide Urgent and Routine Care

Although a lot of eye clinics are resuming appointments, others are also expanding on virtual appointments that are conducted by phone or video. Having a decreased amount of close contact with patients will allow the care provider to remain at a safe distance while providing eye care.

If you prefer to go to the clinic personally, expect to follow the set health guidelines not only for their safety but for your safety as well.

  1. Eye Procedures and Exams Will be Conducted Differently

Having your mask with you and wearing it within confined spaces will be a contributing factor to stopping the spread of COVID-19. As you are waiting in the exam room, you will be told to keep the mask worn properly regardless of you being in the exam room alone.

Because of the new guidelines set by the CDC, an increased amount of airflow is present within many clinics along with filters that are HEPA certified. With these, the inside temperature of a building may feel different and the air may feel uncomfortable. It is good to be understanding of this as it is to help decrease COVID from being spread.

After you arrive for your appointment, clinic staff may have you stay outside and wait. This is also a way to keep staff and patients safe and healthy.

You can be sure that your eye clinic will be allowing only a certain amount of patients inside at a time. So, if you can, try to attend your appointment alone. This will reduce the amount of possible exposures to COVID-19.

  1. Expect a Temperature Check Prior to Clinic Entry

Besides having your temperature checked prior to entering the clinic, your eye doctor may also install a plastic shield on their slit lamp in order to safely examine the eyes, as well as masks.

You may be required to refrain from speaking until after your appointment is done. This will give your provider a chance to be safely away as you talk.

  1. Other Cautions May Need To Be Followed As Implemented By Your Eye Doctor

Having a cough or unusually high temperature, or if you are aware of being in contact with an infected person, your eye clinic needs to be aware too. If your appointment is non-emergent, then staying home will be the best option.

If you show symptoms, then you may also be told to leave and reschedule. If your need is emergent, then waiting in a designated area may be done so that you don’t expose others. To examine you, the eye staff may wear additional protection like gloves and disposable gowns.

  1. You Can Expect the Opthamologist to be On-Call

Despite these changes, the thing to keep in mind is that your eye doctor will be available whenever you need them for an emergency, eye drops, or to give care to critical issues.

Your eye care professional is always a phone call away if you feel like COVID has begun to impair your vision.

  1. The Effects of COVID-19 On The Eyes

Just like any other part of the body, COVID-19 can also affect your eyes. The main entry of the coronavirus is through the mouth, nose, and eyes. Your eyes can also be a point of entry if your eyes get touched with your hands or fingers shortly after your hands touch an infected item.

In rare occasions, you may see the eye become red and irritated similar to conjunctivitis. Having conjunctivitis is nothing to worry about. By contacting your eye doctor they can provide you with the necessary steps to take. Remember, conjunctivitis is contagious and can be spread to others if the drainage is touched. By having your hands constantly cleaned, you will prevent the spread.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have affected the eye exam procedures that you have been used to. These procedures may have become inconvenient but very important for the health and safety of both the eyecare professionals and the pa

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