How Does an Insulin Pen Work?


Diabetes mellitus is an issue that demands regular, timely treatment in order to preserve a person’s health in perfect condition. Because of this fact, different options of how to deliver insulin have been created, such as insulin vials, insulin pumps, or insulin pen devices; the last one we would like to discuss in today’s article.

We would like to kindly remind you that any insulin-based product can be purchased only with a valid prescription from a doctor. It’s demanded because of the general well-being and safety of an individual.

Types of insulin pens

Pens are an excellent option for people who require regular insulin doses; they are comfortable carrying around, measuring the quantity of the medication, and using it anywhere (even in public places). All pens can be divided into two main categories: reusable pens and disposable pens. The most suitable option is typically picked based on one’s individual preferences and medication needs, but it is better to talk with a medical professional to make sure the correct administration technique is used. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the differences.

Reusable insulin pens

Every reusable pen requires a new insulin cartridge after it is finished; typically, the dose is not higher than 300 units. Please remember that pen needles should be changed after every administration; that’s a safety rule that cannot be ignored to preserve a person’s well-being. Typically, the same cartridge can be used for a week; however, it should be discarded if it has been out for 28 days or longer.

Disposable insulin pens

A disposable insulin pen is a pre-filled device that includes the needed amount of insulin all ready for administration. Even though it is prepared for usage, a new needle should always be attached before the injection. Because disposable pens contain a correct dose of insulin, it is more comfortable for use, thus, more preferable. The only nuance is that a disposable type is usually slightly more expensive than reusable ones.

Why do people choose insulin pens?

As has already been mentioned, there are three main ways of insulin administration nowadays: pens, vials, and pumps. The most suitable one is picked based on the personal preferences of an individual, and pens are among the most popular options. Why? It is possible to use an insulin pen anywhere and anytime, there is an option of setting the needed insulin dosing, and it’s just easier. Many brands understood everything their customers wanted and added pens to their stocks. That’s why, if a doctor prescribes Humalog, Lantus, Byetta, Victoza, etc., to you, you can purchase it in pen form without any problems.

The administration process with pens is very easy, too: disinfect the injection spot (upper arm, abdomen, thighs, etc.), carefully insert the needle into the body (approximately one-third of it), and administer insulin. Don’t rub or massage the place after the injection.

Don’t forget about the doctor’s prescription required to buy insulin Canada online; this requirement is crucial and cannot be ignored for one’s health and well-being in general.

Pros and cons of a smart insulin pen

In case you still don’t understand whether pens are suitable for your blood glucose control, we would like to provide you with basic pros and cons to make sure you know whether they will be able to fulfill all your needs.

First, let’s discuss all the primary advantages:

  • It is easy and quick to use (especially compared to pre-filled disposable syringes with the insulin dose);
  • More comfortable accessibility in the public establishments;
  • Easier transportation, fewer chances to damage the device while you are on the go;
  • Precise insulin injection with the correct dosage for better blood sugar control.

Next, we would like to mention some factors that can seem a little bit uncomfortable for certain individuals. They should also be considered because just by doing that, it will be possible to pick the most suitable and easy administration option for a patient:

  • Typically, the price for the right insulin pen is higher than for a syringe;
  • Pens are not able to provide such accurate dosing as, for example, pump;
  • The frequency of injection is higher than with pumps (while pumps need the infusion set to be administered 2-3 times per week, pens typically require 100+ injections per month).

It is better to think about all the factors before picking the best variant for insulin administration. It is always possible to switch if pen injections start feeling uncomfortable or if you just would like to try out other available options.

To sum up about insulin pens

Insulin pens are devices able to guarantee effective blood sugar control without going through critical discomfort. It is small, great to carry around, and easy to use even in public places. There are two main types of insulin pens – reusable and disposable ones. The best option is chosen together with a doctor based on an individual’s preferences, so we would like to remind you about the importance of timely consultations with medical professionals. That’s it for today’s article; thank you for tuning in!