How To Create A Successful Career As A Nanny

Nannying is a highly demanding job and will be much needed in the time to come. The number of childcare positions will grow even more in the next year. With the big office comeback, parents are looking for reliable people to help their children during the workdays. However, let’s not confuse babysitters with nannies. Babysitting is a couple of hours every week when the parents are away while being a nanny takes much more effort and time. It is a full-time job carrying a lot of responsibility. If you have already decided on a career in childcare and think this is the right path for your future, thoroughly read all the information to have a successful career as a nanny.

What Is A Nanny?

A nanny is a childcare professional who does several tasks regarding children’s education and wellbeing. Nanny’s duties depend on the children’s age but day-to-day tasks mostly consist of:

  • Providing safety at all times
  • Feeding and bathing
  • Teaching them social skills by incorporating playtime
  • Helping them learn various skills through activities
  • Helping them with homework and school projects
  • Tidying up and cleaning
  • Planning a schedule for the next day
  • Communicating regularly with parents regarding their overall development

Nanny’s routines vary on what parents are looking for and what their concerns may be. Salary strongly depends on your working hours and your qualifications. An average annual income in the US would be $44,755.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

Since there is a high demand for nannies, many of them are working with no professional credentials. It is advisable to work on your education to do your job responsibly. There are no specific programs required to be a nanny but there are exams you can take that will help you in your job seeking. A non-profit organization called International Nanny Association (INA) can help you get all the information on having a career in the childcare industry. You can find useful resources, educators, skills assessments, and exams.

Prospective nannies should have some background in education, what to expect from them, and when. They are usually required to have some level of teaching skills to help them understand the school curriculum or just teach them to develop various skills outside of school. So if you firmly believe this is your true calling, consider getting a degree in early childhood education.

Another asset to your CV is understanding food for different ages. You may be looking after an infant or a toddler that follows a specific diet according to their age. This is where courses in nutrition are helpful. You’ll learn more about the nutritional value of different meals, allergies, and others.

There is nothing more important than a child’s safety. Their wellbeing is a priority at all times and in all environments. While they are playing or swimming, nannies should always be prepared in case they need help. Future nannies can get educated on medical emergencies through online training in CPR and First Aid. This way they learn new skills at their own pace and enrich their resume with practical knowledge.

What Traits Make A Great Nanny?

  • Good communication skills: This refers to communication both with children and their parents. You need to have the skills to interact closely with children so they like you and are comfortable around you. Also, communicating well with parents means you are on the same path and agree on what the goals should be regarding their children.
  • Excellent organizational skills: Knowing how to manage their daily activities and always being on time. Nobody wants a nanny who is late for work or gets stressed over scheduling day-to-day tasks.
  • Patience and sense of empathy: Children demand attention and appreciate when you focus on them and their interests. The feeling of being understood makes your bond stronger. Their emotions are important and should be heard.
  • In good physical state: Children are active all the time so nannies should follow their pace. To be able to follow them, you need to be in good physical condition to make it work.

To Conclude

If you want to see yourself surrounded by joy and laughter then this is the right career path for you. Children make your day brighter and bring back the child in you. It takes a strong personality to accept a lot of responsibility, devotion, and passion for childcare but it’s worth it. You get to see them grow into smart young people with good values. Get as much knowledge as possible to make yourself stand out from the crowd of candidates. You will be more confident in doing good work and parents will be at ease knowing their children are in good hands.

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