How To Land Your Dream Healthcare Internship

Article How To Land Your Dream Healthcare Internship
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If you want to become a healthcare professional, one of the best ways to hone your skills and develop your knowledge is through higher education. But, in most cases, some of the most valuable opportunities can be found outside the university or classroom.

An internship will allow you to show what you’ve learned as you study while earning enough hands-on experience to become more viable in the job market. What’s more, it can also lead you to either part-time or full-time positions in different healthcare facilities.

But, with so many students and even graduates looking forward to working in this field, how can you land on your dream healthcare internship?  Here’s a compilation of tips that can help you find your dream internship:

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  • Don’t Look For An Immediate Boss 

One way to land your dream healthcare internship is to look for a mentor instead of an immediate boss. Actually, a mentor is someone you can find outside of the place you’re working for, and who can assist you in identifying and accomplishing your goals.

Typically, this person is extensively working in the field or industry you’re interested in, well-connected, and has climbed to higher positions. A good mentor is invaluable as they can help you seek the internship you’re dreaming of through their connections. Most importantly, your mentor can help you become successful. 

  • Look For A Site That Offers Healthcare Internship 

Today, many companies or websites offer internships to those who want to become a part of the healthcare industry. But, know that not all of them can give you a good and valuable experience. Thus, it would be best if you’re careful when choosing.

The recommended site is the one that has an extensive network of both private and public hospitals to offer rewarding and hands-on programs to every intern’s educational background and specific skill sets. You should also check if it offers extra opportunities for growth to interns. 

  • Volunteer

Finding healthcare internships won’t be easy at all times since the majority of programs in the healthcare profession need on-site training. If you can’t find your dream internship listing, you may want to volunteer at medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. Actually, a volunteer opportunity can offer the same level of professional and hands-on experience you want, but with a different position or title. 

  • Follow-Up

Like any other move when it comes to a career, landing your dream healthcare internship may take some effort on your part. It needs an excellent resume reflecting how your experiences and skills are aligned with the job requirement. But, some interns fail to follow up. Aside from sending the thank you letter after the interview, it’d help if you’re consistent in touching bases with hiring managers until the job position is filled.

Remember, hiring managers deal with so many applicants and, sometimes, overlook even the most qualified person for the job. So, if you really want to get your dream internship, exert some effort by making follow-ups. 

  • Create A LinkedIn Profile 

Whether you’re seeking an internship in healthcare or other industries, LinkedIn is one of the important tools you can use. Business culture has conditioned people to go to LinkedIn in order to find out who the applicant is.

If you’re absent on this platform, it sends a message that you don’t value your career. So, when looking for an internship, consider creating a brief but refined profile on this platform, with professional headshots for higher success rates. In fact, when healthcare organizations view your account and they see that you have potential, they’re the ones who’ll reach out to you. Thus, make the most out of your LinkedIn profile to improve your job prospects in healthcare

  • Consider Going Abroad

Depending on where you’re in your level of education, you may want to consider working with healthcare professionals all over the world. Since such internship opportunities are usually located in places that don’t have unlimited resources, you can have a remarkable learning experience to effectively offer care despite how minimal a budget is in stressful situations.

Typically, these internship placements are more active in the community. What’s more, you’ll learn more about community and public health relations, which are all good skills to possess since the healthcare industry is moving more towards more preventative care models. 

  • Show Your Skills 

You can gain an edge over other applicants or interns by paying attention to the top skills most employers are looking for. The first skill you need to demonstrate is coachability. Although you can surely teach the majority of skills, know that you can’t teach a person to become coachable. Usually, this is shown by demonstrating samples of adaptability.

Another skill that you need to show off is your passion through interest, as well as the eagerness to learn. Last but not least, show relevance. Remember, being updated on healthcare news can showcase intent and initiative. 

  • Make Your Own Opportunity 

If you can’t find your dream healthcare internship, you can make it happen by working with a health organization. Some of these organizations want to seek help from interns, but they don’t have time to establish programs, particularly for smaller facilities.

For instance, if you want to work as a radiologist and know of a healthcare provider in your town that offers such services, don’t be scared to approach them. Then, ask what it’d take to develop internship programs.  As long as the healthcare facility has professionals willing to assist you, as well as your school, and is eager to accept the placement, you can create an internship that suits your professional goals.

Final Message 

Aside from having an additional experience that you can place on your application or resume, an internship is very important because it can offer you the opportunity to identify if the path you’re taking is the right one for you. Actually, by having real work experiences, you’ll be able to understand your weaknesses and strengths better.

You’ll also determine what you do and don’t like in the field of medicine. This knowledge will help you decide which career is best suited for you. Nevertheless, hopefully, the tips mentioned above have helped you land your dream healthcare internship.

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