How To Reset Your Sleep Schedule This Winter Without The Pill

Sleep is often evasive during the winter season as your circadian rhythm loses track due to the changes in the daylight hours. The cold weather and long nights may deprive you of the much-needed eight-hour slumber. Late-night events and parties during the festive season disrupt your routine further. But you can do your bit to reset your sleep schedule without the pill. In fact, resorting to sleep medication is the last thing you should do because it does more harm than good. Let us share some simple measures to reclaim your slumber this winter.

Switch to lighter meals

Heavy meals late in the evening can keep you awake beyond your regular bedtime. You are more prone to this phenomenon in winter when festivities are around. Processed and sugar-laden meals can cause sleep deprivation, and coffee and alcohol worsen the situation. Commit to eating light and completing your meals by late evening so that you feel light and easy by the time you go to bed.

Get moving

Life tends to slow down during winter as you feel lazy due to the weather and late nights. Your workout routine suffers because of laziness and procrastination. Unfortunately, being sedentary can take a toll on your sleep schedule. The solution is as simple as staying regular with exercise, even if you need to work out indoors on snowy days. You can fend off the festive weight gain as a bonus.

Try cannabis as a natural remedy

Ditching the pill is easy if you pick a natural alternative to reset your sleep cycle in winter. Cannabis is an excellent natural remedy that offers effective relief without side effects. The best part is that it is now legal in Canada, so accessibility is not a concern. You can check the canadacannabisdispensary menu for an ideal product to match your needs. A dose of an edible at bedtime gives lasting results. The sustainable release of the cannabinoids in your bloodstream keeps you asleep longer.

Create the right environment

This one is a no-brainer because the right environment is the key to good sleep regardless of the weather. You must have a clean and cozy bedroom to induce a restful slumber in the colder months. While you must run the heater, ensure it is only in a warm setting because excessive heat can wake you up in the middle of the night. The room should be dark enough, and the bedding should be comfortable.

Get adequate light during the day

Wintertime means less sunlight, which lowers the level of melatonin in the body. The hormonal disruption can lead to sleep deprivation. You can easily eliminate the issue by getting adequate light during the day. Stepping out for a morning walk or even a post-lunch stroll is enough to keep your melatonin secretion on schedule. It will also replenish your vitamin-D levels.

Winter sleep issues are easy to address, provided you take the right measures to address them. Follow these simple tips and adopt some healthy lifestyle changes before the season goes in full swing.


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