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How to Shop For a Mobilabonnement Norge



  • Or you can purchase a prepaid SIM card from one of Europe’s providers that offers roaming for free in Norway and other EEA countries, available in airports, mobile provider stores, convenience stores or other outlets –.
  • As a tourist in Norway, it’s essential that you have access to reliable mobile data plans in order to remain connected.
  • Registering your SIM card requires either a valid passport or EU/EEA national identity card, although registering at an established retailer is generally faster.

Norway is one of the most stunningly beautiful countries on earth, boasting majestic glaciers, deep fjords, and sprawling forests – not to mention one of the costliest. However, there are ways you can keep phone costs to a minimum when traveling there.

No matter whether it is for yourself or the entire family, Norway offers various plans that meet individual and collective needs. Most smaller carriers in Norway ride off Telenor and Telia’s networks for coverage throughout Norway.

Prepaid plans

There are various choices when it comes to purchasing a SIM card in Norway. Prepaid plans are the most popular, while postpaid options also exist.

Which plan suits your needs and budget will depend on which option is chosen: prepaid plans offer flexibility while being more expensive compared to postpaid options; postpaid plans provide discounts and promotions but require longer-term commitment. You can visit to learn more. It is important to compare rates before choosing a plan.

As a tourist in Norway, it’s essential that you have access to reliable mobile data plans in order to remain connected. Norway provides numerous cost-effective options that provide fast and dependable connectivity.

Telenor is currently offering three-month plans with 200MB of data at a price of 299kr, while Telia (formerly NetCom) provides similar packages but with reduced data; recent network tests suggest that Telia may even surpass Telenor in coverage.

Or you can purchase a prepaid SIM card from one of Europe’s providers that offers roaming for free in Norway and other EEA countries, available in airports, mobile provider stores, convenience stores or other outlets – though these cards will incur EU roaming rates when used outside the EEA.

Registering your SIM card requires either a valid passport or EU/EEA national identity card, although registering at an established retailer is generally faster. You can learn more about these cards by clicking the link. Smartphones that support eSIM allow registration via an app on compatible smartphones as well.

After purchasing your SIM card, it’s time to select a plan that meets your individual needs. Many prepaid packages include unlimited calls and texts as well as rollover data – the cost varies according to package, but they tend to be fairly cost effective.

Data plans

Norway, known for its magnificent glaciers and deep fjords, is widely considered one of the world’s most breathtaking countries. Unfortunately, however, its prices can also be eye-watering; accommodation, transport and food all cost significantly more. Luckily mobile phone costs remain reasonable so staying connected doesn’t pose an undue financial strain.

To avoid incurring roaming charges, it’s wise to purchase a Norwegian SIM card immediately upon your arrival.

Depending on the duration of your journey, there are various plans available; Holafly provides one with unlimited data for 30 days using an international eSIM, making connecting to its network easy without changing phone numbers or having to configure complex dialing codes.

All you need is a compatible mobile phone and its unique code which will be provided after purchase.

Mycall or Lycamobile offer another solution; these local MVNOs tend to focus less on contract customers, providing lower rates than Telenor. You can click the link: to learn more about MVNOs. Furthermore, some even provide roam like home plans so you can use your prepaid allowance without incurring extra charges in Europe/EEA and UK countries.

These operators can be found at most airports, train stations and hotels; their apps allow users to refill online and check balance. Furthermore, some also feature websites written in English which make the process even simpler.

Norway boasts several smaller mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) providers that sell prepaid SIM cards. These providers, such as MyCall, TalkMore, OneCall and Chess have lower rates than Telenor and may provide discounts when topping up at certain intervals; additionally they provide plans including 2G/3G/4G LTE/5G NR coverage.

Norway makes purchasing a prepaid sim card easy and hassle-free, offering plans with various calling and texting allowances from companies such as Telia, Telenor and Lycamobile. In addition, bundles offering unlimited data use with free incoming calls may also be available; some packages even come complete with comprehensive instructions.

Calling plans

An increasing number of Norwegians have relocated to the US, making it essential for them to find cell phone plans that enable them to maintain strong ties to friends and family back home.

Luckily, there are various affordable calling plans tailored specifically for Norwegians living abroad that may suit their needs – these might include unlimited calling plans with low international call rates as well as pay-as-you-go calling packs that may come in handy if they travel frequently or wish to avoid high overage charges.

Norway is an idyllic country known for its picturesque mountain landscape and rugged terrain, drawing adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. To ensure the most out of your trip, having reliable satellite phone service is essential; many providers provide great rates when calling Norway from around the globe.

Once you find a network and plan that best suits your needs, online searching can help find you a great deal that allows you to call Norway from anywhere worldwide!

Telenor and Telia are Norway’s main mobile networks, boasting exceptional coverage and speeds throughout most areas of Norway. However, some rural valleys may experience poor coverage.

Telia’s prepaid SIM cards offer outstanding data features, such as unlimited music streaming with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. In addition, data bundles of 250MB, 6GB or 31 days allow roaming across Europe and EEA countries.

Prepaid plans have quickly become a favorite among Norwegian travelers due to their flexibility and convenience. Prepaid plans provide cost-effective overage charges avoidance without contracts – typically providing unlimited calls and texts for a certain duration.

Texting plans

Wifi connectivity may be plentiful in Norway’s cities, but for hiking the mountains or sailing its fjords the best way to stay connected is with a local Norwegian SIM card. Doing this allows you to avoid roaming charges while providing access to an improved local network with better coverage.

Norway’s mobile phone market is highly competitive, and newcomers aim to gain market share by creating distinctive products that appeal to customers. Most operate on either Telenor or Telia networks and utilize vouchers for topping up pay-as-you-go plans or subscription plans that may suit longer stays – when planning your visit, make sure you select an appropriate plan.

Your goal should be to select a provider with excellent network coverage, and find a prepaid SIM card with adequate data usage. Consider choosing one with free EU roaming and unlimited call and text plans as these plans can save money when calling internationally or using data more intensively. These plans are increasingly popular in Norway and may help save you money when calling abroad or using data services more intensively.

Telenor and Telia were two major providers in 2021 offering two-week prepaid plans at 99 NOK that included unlimited calls, texts and 250 MB of data usage; users could add additional data packages for an additional fee.

Norway requires all SIM cards to be registered under a person’s real name, so it is best to go directly to a provider-branded store or sales point for registration as this will usually happen instantly; third-party stores may take longer.

As a traveler from Europe, there should be no extra roaming concerns when visiting Norway (though a local SIM is always recommended). All major Norwegian mobile providers provide “roam like at home” rules which enable customers to call and use data at domestic rates rather than exorbitant roaming rates.


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