How to Upgrade Your Home to Make It Friendly for Your Aging Family Members

As our elderly family members age, it is important to make sure their home environment is comfortable and accessible. Upgrading your home for aging family members can help them stay independent longer, providing them with a sense of security and stability. In this guide, we’ll discuss some key tips on how to upgrade your home to make it more friendly for your aging family members.

1. Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are an important tool for helping elderly family members stay mobile. If a wheelchair-bound family member is unable to transfer in and out of the home, a vertical platform lift can provide easy access and help them remain independent. A quality vertical platform lift is designed with safety features such as automatic emergency stop buttons, non-slip surfaces, and emergency power. It’s also important to consider where in your home you’d like to install the lift – ideally on the ground floor or near an exit so your family member can easily get outside if necessary. The chair lifts should be in an area that is not too crowded and is easily accessible. It’s also important to make sure that it is installed correctly with the proper safety measures in place.

2. Bathroom Modifications

Bathrooms can be difficult to navigate for aging family members due to their small size and wet surfaces – something that can cause slips and falls. To help make it easier for them to navigate the bathroom, consider installing grab bars and a handheld showerhead with a flexible hose so they can remain seated while bathing. If you want to go one step further, you can install an elderly-friendly toilet seat that has higher sides or comes with built-in handles. Additionally, adding non-slip floor mats and tiles can give your family member more stability in the bathroom.

3. Widening Doorways

Widening doorways is another important consideration when upgrading your home for aging family members. It’s important to ensure that all doors are wide enough for wheelchairs or walkers to fit through easily. You may need to hire a professional carpenter to modify the door frames and widen the opening. This can also help with transferring from one room to another, as it will make it easier for your family member to move around without assistance.

4. Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology is an important tool for helping aging family members stay independent. Smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home can help them control their lighting, temperature, and entertainment from the comfort of their chairs or beds. Additionally, wearable technologies like Fitbits can be used to monitor their vital signs and remind them when it’s time to take medication or exercise. By investing in these types of technologies, you can help your family member remain connected and engaged with life while also giving yourself peace of mind that they are safe at home.

5. Accessible Landscaping

If your family member spends a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to make sure their outdoor environment is just as accessible as their indoor one. Consider adding wheelchair-friendly pathways, ramps, and stairs throughout the property so they can easily get around. Additionally, you may want to look into installing adjustable outdoor furniture that is suitable for those who need special support or assistance. With these simple changes, you can ensure that your family member has access to the outdoors and all its benefits without having to worry about safety or mobility issues.

6. Home Security Precautions

Safety is a priority for any home, especially when elderly family members are involved. Make sure your home is equipped with motion sensor lights and alarms so that if someone approaches the door or windows, the alarm will sound. Additionally, consider upgrading to smart locks that can be operated remotely by you or your family member. This will help keep them safe while also giving everyone peace of mind.

Why is it important to upgrade your home to accommodate the elderly?

Upgrading your home with elderly-friendly features can help ensure the comfort and safety of your family member. It can give them greater independence and freedom to move around, while also providing peace of mind for you that they’re safe in their own home. By investing in these modifications now, you can make sure that your family member can stay in their own home as long as possible – which is an invaluable gift.

These are just some of the ways you can upgrade your home to make it more friendly and safe for aging family members. By taking the time to implement these necessary changes, you’ll be helping your loved one stay safe and providing them with an environment where they can maintain their independence without worry or fear. Good luck!

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