Ice House Portable AC Reviews (Beat The Heat With Best Portable AC) Try Ice House Portable Air Conditioner {Fake OR Legit} USA 2023



  • The Ice House is a hybrid of a fan, a humidifier, and a portable air conditioner.
  • Ice House provides all the advantages of a typical home air conditioning system without any of moisture by chilling the air while simultaneously adding moisture to it.
  • Ice House is not intended to replace a full home air conditioning system and does not have the same electrical requirements or expense.

Ice house portable AC claims to keep people cold and cozy all summer long for the price of $90 per cooler. Additionally, it functions as a humidifier in addition to a portable air chiller.

What is portable Ice House AC? How is Ice House put to use? Learn all there is to know about the Ice House personal space cooler by continuing to read.

What is an Ice House Portable AC? Reviews of the Ice House Portable AC

A personal space cooler called Ice House cools and humidifies the air.

Ice House circulates air over a container that stores water, much like other portable AC coolers currently available online. The water in the container is evaporated by the hot air, which lowers the air’s temperature and increases humidity. Cooler, wetter, and more reviving air exits the device’s other side.

More and more people are utilizing Ice House to maintain cold temperatures all summer long in their homes, bedrooms, businesses, dorms, and other tiny locations. Ice House is not intended to replace a full home air conditioning system and does not have the same electrical requirements or expense. Instead, it is made to offer straightforward, portable cooling wherever you are.

To stay cool throughout the summer, many customers transport Ice House from room to room. You can use Ice House to cool the room you’re in right now. You may use Ice House to cool the rooms you use, saving you hundreds of dollars each summer on cooling your entire home.

The cost of each unit of Ice House, which is only sold online through this link, is about $80.

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How Does the Ice House Air Conditioner/Cooler Work?

The Ice House is a hybrid of a fan, a humidifier, and a portable air conditioner. Here is how the device operates:

You put water in the Ice House’s container.

Ice House is plugged in, and the fan is turned on.

Evaporation results from the heated air being blown by the fan over Ice House’s container.

Heat and moisture are needed for evaporation; Ice House extracts heat from the air and moisture from the water tank to produce cooler, fresher air.

The opposite side of the apparatus is where Ice House releases the chilly, fresh air.

You can experience cooler, more humid air throughout your home because of this process.

Moisture is removed from the air by conventional air conditioners. This is helpful for swiftly cooling the air, but it’s not helpful for making a comfortable climate inside. By removing all moisture, standard AC systems can cause serious damage to your skin. The way Ice House operates is distinct. Ice House provides all the advantages of a typical home air conditioning system without any of moisture by chilling the air while simultaneously adding moisture to it.

Features and Advantages of Ice House Air Conditioners

The Ice House creators tout all of the following qualities and advantages:

can be used as a conventional fan or a strong air cooler.

  • functions as a humidifier
  • simple to use for every one
  • fully transportable
  • Cools the air quickly in about 30 seconds.
  • convenient and inexpensive
  • Adaptable (through a changeable vent and three fan speeds)

Additionally, Ice House provides top-fill pouring that is simple and hassle-free. As needed, simply pour water directly into the appliance. The machine will draw moisture from the tank when Ice House runs. To guarantee Ice House keeps operating as required, you periodically top off the tank.

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How Do You Use a Portable AC From Ice House?

It’s simple to utilize Ice House. The device operates similarly to other portable air conditioners available online nowadays. Ice House should be simple to use even if you have little technological knowledge or expertise.

The three-step procedure suggested on Ice is as follows:

Step 1: Place your Ice House portable air conditioner on a level surface.

Once Ice House is operational, you can alter how the device functions as you choose. You may modify the speed and temperature of the air by selecting one of three settings, as well as the direction of the fans (for example, whether you want the air to blow at your face or feet).

Ice House AC Review: The Science Behind It

Knowing the physics of the portable air cooler can help you comprehend how Ice House operates.

The most crucial fact to understand is that water evaporates when heated. Evaporation occurs when heated air is exposed to water at Ice House.

Heat is necessary for evaporation. Heat is necessary for evaporation to occur. Evaporation occurs when the hot air within the Ice House comes into contact with the water. Water moves from the tank to the air, and heat moves from the air to the water. As droplets of water float into the air, the water in the tank decreases in temperature and becomes wetter.

Ice House employs a water barrier to further improve the evaporation process. Before using the curtain, soak it in water. The evaporation process starts all over again as soon as air enters the water barrier. Moisture rises from the curtain in response to hot air, drying it out and cooling the surrounding atmosphere.

As a result, cool, moist air exits Ice House’s other side. The air from Ice House is circulated wherever it is needed.

Ice House Is For Whom? Reviews of the Ice House Portable AC

Anyone looking for a quick and efficient way to stay cool all summer long may consider Ice House.

But unlike a whole home air conditioning system, Ice House isn’t made to chill an entire house, nor is it made to cool bigger rooms or multiple locations. Rather, it works well in compact places like dormitories, bedrooms, offices, and tiny residences.

Following are some examples of those who might profit from using Ice House:

  • Whoever wishes to forego the expense, inconvenience, and installation of a complete home air conditioning system
  • Someone who wants to cool their home office, workstation, or other workspaces while working from home
  • anybody residing in a studio apartment or another compact space
  • attempting to stay cool throughout the summer
  • Anyone who wants to stay away from the dryness and dehumidification that standard AC systems cause
  • Those in the dorms wishing to stay cool
  • Anyone who wants to avoid irritating their skin, eyes, or nasal passages by avoiding the drying out and irritation of those areas
  • The Ice House is made to keep you cool all summer long, whether you utilize it for work, sleep, pleasure, or general household use.

Additionally, you may use Ice House anyplace you go because it is portable. It’s lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go cooling. Alternately, you can purchase many Ice House units online and benefit from cooler air in each room of your house at a cheaper cost than you would spend for a standard home air conditioning system.

Comparison between Ice House and Regular Air Conditioning Systems

A less expensive option to standard air conditioning systems is Ice House. You can enjoy cool air with a single Ice House cooler rather than spending a fortune on whole home air conditioning (via an HVAC system) and rather than installing window-based air-cooling systems.

Complete home air conditioning systems remove moisture from the atmosphere, leaving the air inside your house dry. Your skin, eyes, and nasal passages may get affected. Due to the dry, enclosed environment, some even experience nosebleeds.

Ice House is intended to be a more intelligent substitute. Ice House cools the air while also adding moisture, as opposed to drying out the air to eliminate moisture. As a result, homes can take use of all the advantages of a conventional air conditioning system without experiencing its drawbacks, such as dryness and an uncomfortable climate.

What Do Customers Think of the Ice House? (Consumer Reports reviews of Ice House portable AC)

There aren’t many reviews of the Ice House portable AC system online outside those found on its official website. On the official website, the portable cooler gets extremely positive ratings, with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. 89% of reviewers gave Ice House a flawless 5-star rating.

On Ice, some testimonies from confirmed buyers include:

According to a man from Shreveport, Louisiana, who used to sleep with a fan next to his bed because it would allegedly blow the pages of his book around, the fan was too noisy and bothersome. He no longer uses his old fan and instead uses the Ice House to deliver the same icy air.

Ice House was purchased as a gift for a father by a Toronto woman who claimed it kept her father more at ease.

A Michigan resident purchased Ice House to keep his house cold in the heat. Even with the curtains closed, he found it oppressive inside on the hottest days. Because it makes him happy, he enjoys keeping Ice House right next to his reading chair.

Customers cited online generally appear to concur that Ice House keeps their home’s rooms chilly as promised. Customers are typically pleased with the outcomes as long as they use Ice House similarly to how they would use other tiny, portable air coolers.

Cost of the Ice House Portable AC and where can I buy it?

Although there is a discount for ordering 2, 3, or 4 units, Ice House costs $89.99 per unit.

Through this URL, you may only order Ice House, and the cost breakdown is as follows:

Each Ice House portable air cooler costs $79.99.

2 Ice House portable air conditioners, each $74.99.

3 Ice House portable air conditioners, each priced at $66.66

4 Ice House portable air conditioners, each $56.24

The only place to get Ice House Portable AC is on the seller’s official website; it is not sold in Walmart, Amazon, or any other retail establishment.

To avoid scams, visit the official Ice House Air Cooler website by clicking here.

Refund Policy for Ice House

A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is provided by Ice House. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, you have 60 days to return it to the seller for a full refund or replacement, less shipping.

Ice House must be in brand-new condition (unaltered and undamaged) in order to be eligible for a refund. Additionally, the item must be returned in its original packing.

A Few  Last Words About Ice House AC

A small air conditioner called Ice House costs about $80. In just 30 seconds after filling the tank with water and soaking the curtain in it, you may experience cool, revitalizing air.

Through Ice, Ice House is only accessible online. The cooler is made to be versatile, user-friendly, and portable. You can also always experience cooler, wetter air with Ice House because it adds moisture to the air rather than removing it.