illumiSonics Inc., a medical tissue imaging company, announced today the appointment of Jochen Schweizer as COO. The company is further strengthening the executive team as they commercialize their cancer detection and diagnostics products using the proprietary PARS imaging platform technology.

Jochen Schweizer previously held executive positions at Danaher/Leica, responsible for the Microsurgery Portfolio in the business unit medical, defining strategy, target portfolio and product roadmap; was Sr. Director Product Management Light Microscopy at Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Co. Ltd; and prior to that had technical management roles at SVS-VISTEK GmbH and Stemmer Imaging.

“Jochen Schweizer brings his extensive and world class experience in the field of optical imaging to illumiSonics. This happens at a critical time as we are developing our first product to market. Besides his knowledge and experience, Mr. Schweizer shares essential values with the rest of the team, he is passionate for making a positive change to our society. We are fortunate to have him in our team,” said Dr. Parsin Haji Reza Chairman.

“Mr. Schweizer’s rich commercialization history in micro-surgery, sales, product management, and software development will add significant depth to the team as we enable cancer surgeons and pathologists to get direct to digital pathology during surgery, preventing second surgeries due to positive surgical margins,” said Rocky Ganske CEO.

“I am excited to join a young, highly skilled and engaged team, to realize the full potential of Photo Acoustic Remote Sensing (PARS), and to make a positive impact on the health system. We will completely change the 100-year-old histo-pathology workflow and drive the transition of cancer diagnostics from a day/week workflow into intraoperative diagnostics. PARS from illumiSonics enables the acquisition of H&E stained histo-pathology images in a few minutes: contact free, without tissue preparation, without staining, without microscope – right in the operation room. We do that for better patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency in the OR and reduced health-care costs.” said Jochen Schweizer.

illumiSonics’ proprietary PARS photoacoustic remote sensing technology is a revolution in optical imaging. illumiSonics created PARS, a non-contact, high-resolution, label-free, non-destructive reflection-mode microscope. PARS captures all three light-matter interactions (scattering, absorption, and emission) to give unprecedented 3D images of fresh and living tissues, which provides incredible flexibility in how it can be deployed.