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Friday, October 22, 2021



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Imbio Partners with Heart&Lung Health Ltd to Serve the UK Market with Enhanced Quantitative Imaging Services

April 6, 2021

The company is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging analysis, and Heart&Lung Health, a leading cardiothoracic consultancy firm.

Today they announced their partnership to integrate Imbio AI algorithms within subspecialty radiology workflows to identify lung and cardiac conditions in patients across the United Kingdom.

“We are delighted to integrate the Imbio quantitative imaging technology into our routine practice to augment reporting of CT thorax studies of patients with potential lung diseases. Our interstitial lung disease CT scans may be acquired from numerous institutions that each have various scanners and protocols. Imbio can integrate this into a fluid workflow. Applying innovative technology to our routine clinical practice allows us to deliver rapid, reliable, and uniquely subspecialist imaging reports. This Imbio partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to bring even more personalized care to patients,” said Heart&Lung Health.

Heart&Lung Health provides specialty radiology services for NHS trusts, private healthcare providers, and academic institutions across the UK. This partnership equips their expert cardiothoracic radiologists with quantitative imaging that provides data-driven insights to benefit patient outcomes. With automated results available upon receipt of the scans, Imbio serves as an aid for CT imaging assessment of cardiothoracic conditions without any additional steps by the radiologist.

“It has been rewarding to see the real-world clinical utilization of Imbio algorithms being realized in the United Kingdom with the Heart&Lung team. Partnering with world class cardiothoracic radiologists is an honor but facilitating an improved efficiency in their workflow for the combined mission of improving patient care is a privilege. Imbio technology will assist Heart&Lung in caring for thoracic patients in the UK,” said Dave Hannes, CEO at Imbio.

Through this partnership, Heart&Lung can further deliver on their vision of accurate and early diagnosis for lung and cardiac conditions where early interventions are key. Imbio can provide invaluable insights that allow Heart&Lung to further advocate on behalf of patients facing chronic lung diseases. By supporting radiology departments with rapid diagnosis and early disease detection, clinicians can facilitate the best treatment plan for their patients.

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