InspireMD Announces Multiple Presentations Featuring CGuard EPS and its Novel MicroNet Mesh Covering at the 2022 VEITH Symposium


InspireMD, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSPR), developer of the CGuard™ Embolic Prevention System (EPS) for the prevention of stroke, today announced that the company will deliver multiple presentations at the 2022 VEITH Symposium, which is being held November 15 – 19 in New York City.

Marvin Slosman, chief executive officer of InspireMD, stated, “We are very pleased to have such a notable presence at this year’s VEITH Symposium, which is among the most prestigious gatherings of vascular medicine specialists. There continues to be a growing body of clinical and safety data favoring CGuard EPS over competing stent platforms as well as open surgery, and gatherings such as VEITH are critical to raising awareness of this unique technology. We are grateful to all of the presenters who are participating on our behalf.”

Details of the presentations are as follows:

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Title: Clinical Results of a MicroNet Covered Carotid-Stent (CGUARD): Analysis of 145 Patients at Two Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages
Presenter: Christian Wissgott, MD, Christoph Kopetsch, MD and Reimer Andresen, MD
Time: 5:30 PM – 5:35 PM ET
Location: Trianon Ballroom, 3rd Floor
Friday, November 18, 2022 – Session 77: New Developments in the Treatment of Carotid Stenosis with Mesh Covered Stents and TCAR (Transcervical Carotid Artery Revascularization)
Title: Long-Term Results of Micromesh Stents Show Their Value in Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS): Are There Limitations: Do the Differences in the 3 Micromesh Stents Matter
Presenter: Max Amor, MD
Time: 7:53 AM – 7:58 AM ET
Location: Grand Ballroom East, 3rd Floor
Title: Update on Carotid and Other Uses of MicroNet-Covered Stents (C-Guard) in High-Risk Lesions and Aneurysms: What are the Long-Term Outcomes – and Are There Downsides
Presenter: Piotr Musialek, MD, Dphil
Time: 7:59 AM – 8:04 AM ET
Location: Grand Ballroom East, 3rd Floor
Title: New Multicenter Data Showing the Long-Term Value of the CGuard MicroNet Mesh Covered Stent for CAS in High-Risk Carotid Lesions (Thrombotic, Calcified and Symptomatic) From the FLOW-GUARD and Other Trials
Presenter: D. Christopher Metzger, MD, Piotr Musialek, MD, Dphil
Time: 8:05 AM – 8:10 AM ET
Location: Grand Ballroom East, 3rd Floor
Title: Results from a Multicenter Italian Study of the C-Guard Micromesh Stent for CAS: Advantages and Complications
Presenter: Francesco Speziale, MD, Gianmarco de Donato, MD, Ashraf Mansour, MD, Pasqualino Sirignano, MD, Carlo Setacci, MD
Time: 8:11 AM – 8:16 AM ET
Location: Grand Ballroom East, 3rd Floor
Title: Value of a Mesh Covered Stent with TCAR: Is It the Best of All Worlds: Limitations
Presenter: Ralf R. Kolvenbach, MD
Time: 10:48 AM – 10:53 AM ET
Location: Grand Ballroom East, 3rd Floor