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Involved In A Moped Accident? Here’s What You Need To Do

What To Know

  • Although it is a little early for this step, most companies will want to have a record of your claims or incidents, so they can adjust the premiums accordingly.
  • This will help you answer the question “what are the types of compensation I can receive after a moped accident” later on.

A moped is a motorcycle that does not have a clutch and gear shifting mechanism, typically having pedals that directly power the rear wheel. Mopeds are favoured by many people due to their low cost of operation. Like any other vehicle, these vehicles must be registered with the DMV. It’s not every day that you’re involved in a moped accident. But if it does happen, there are many things you need to do immediately. Read on for the first steps of what to do after an accident on your moped or motorcycle. To prevent motorcycle accidents from happening you can check out this guide to motorcycle safety.

1 – Stop and Assess the Damage

First thing’s first: you need to assess any damage that has been done to your moped. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it will also help later on when filing a claim for damages or injuries with another party. This will help you answer the question “what are the types of compensation I can receive after a moped accident” later on. If there isn’t any damage to the vehicle itself, then look around and see if anyone was involved in the incident with you.

2 – Check for Injuries and Exchange Details

If you are able to, check yourself over for any injuries that have been sustained. If there are no one else around, call emergency services and wait until they arrive before attempting to get up or move. Even if you think it’s nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re not hurt, try to offer any medical assistance that you can. If someone else is injured, immediately call 911 and ask them to provide medical assistance. If you need further help, ask someone to call 911 while you look for a safe spot to wait until the paramedics arrive. In terms of the accident, you’ll need to exchange some information. Exchange names, phone numbers, insurance companies, and license plate numbers with all parties involved.

3 – Notify the Police

If you are able to, contact the police and inform them of your situation. Let them know exactly what has happened and where it happened. This will help later on when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit with another party. They will also need this information for their report, so it’s important that they have as much information as possible. It is important to get a police report on the incident. This will be very helpful when making your claim or lawsuit because it documents everything that occurred during the accident. Even if you weren’t seriously hurt, this may help in having another party pay for any damages done to your moped or motorcycle.

4 – Contact Your Insurance Company

If no one is seriously hurt, then you will need to contact your insurance company. Although it is a little early for this step, most companies will want to have a record of your claims or incidents, so they can adjust the premiums accordingly. Do not admit to any liability, but make sure they know about the incident and file a claim with them as soon as possible. If you haven’t already taken down the license plate number from the vehicle that hit you, do it now.

5 – Take Pictures of Everything

Take as many pictures as possible to document the damage and injuries that have been done. This will be helpful later on when filing a claim or lawsuit with another party. Remember: photographs are worth more than a thousand words!

6 – Get Medical Assistance

If you have any injuries, be sure to get them treated and documented. This will help in the claim and lawsuit process in the future. If possible, try to visit a doctor first thing after the accident so that medical records aren’t lost or forgotten about. If you don’t know of an emergency care clinic near you, try to contact your regular doctor’s office for an emergency visit.

If you’re involved in a moped accident, there are many things that need to be done. The first thing is assessing the damage and seeing if anyone else was hurt in the incident with you. If not, call emergency services for any injuries sustained by either party during the accident. Next, contact your insurance company and tell them about what happened so they can file a claim on your behalf (even if it’s still unclear who caused the problem). Take pictures of everything from how the vehicle looks when it hits you to all of any injuries incurred during this time period.  Finally, visit an urgent care clinic or doctor as soon as possible after such an event takes place; doing so will help document medical records and provide proof of injury should you decide to file a lawsuit.


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