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IQAir Introduces New XE Smart Air Purifiers

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  • For the North American market, the enhanced features of the XE air purifiers are incorporated into four of IQAir’s popular air purifiers and are now available on iqair.

IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company, launches their new XE air purifiers, the next generation of their best-selling high-performance air purifiers, in North America.

IQAir XE air purifiers feature a redesigned fan system that is up to three times more energy efficient than previous models. With Wi-Fi smart app integration, the air purifiers can be remotely controlled and fully integrated with IQAir’s AirVisual air quality app and platform. The XEs also include three smart modes, allowing for sensor-based operation and prompting automatic adjustment of the air purifier performance based on measured air quality.

Designed and made in Switzerland, the XE line also includes an advanced particle sensor that measures harmful fine particulate pollutants (PM2.5), for real-time insight of indoor air. PM2.5 includes a wide range of pollutants, including smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, house dust mites, and pet allergens. The HealthPro XE utilizes IQAir’s patented HyperHEPA filtration, which captures over 99.5% of harmful ultrafine pollution particles and biological contaminants down to 0.003 microns in size. This includes particulate matter equal in size of bacteria and viruses such as those that cause COVID-19, the flu, and even the common cold.

Frank Hammes, Global CEO, IQAir.

“The XE line pairs the newest air quality monitoring technology with our award-winning, ultra efficient filtration. Built-in air quality sensors allow the system to automatically adjust filtration according to indoor air quality. This saves energy, extends filter life, and fully automates the removal of even the smallest particles from the air.”

For the North American market, the enhanced features of the XE air purifiers are incorporated into four of IQAir’s popular air purifiers and are now available on iqair.com/us/:

  • HealthPro Plus XE is priced at $1,199
  • HealthPro Compact XE is priced at $1,099
  • GC MultiGas XE is priced at $1,599
  • GCX MultiGas XE is priced at $2,499
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